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Awesome pictures!!  congrats to everyone!!!!!
Spring-- Would using a breast shield help?? I've never used one before... Hand expressing and cup or syringe feeding would be a good option. -Also- leave your bra off and it will heal faster. I had a bad crsck with DS1 annd i can remember pounding my foot on the ground while nursing... i really feel for you. We're on day 15 here...nips r still a little sore, but i know that is bc i am sometimes too lazy to get a good latch...
Things here are going well on day 12. Jack nurses every 11/2 to 2 hrs (3 hrs every once in awhile) around the clock....sooo I'm tired obviously. I have been staying in bed for 12 hours sleeping, so I'm doing my best to stay rested. Im following my mw's recommendation to stay in the house with very little activity for 2 weeks. I left only twice- one to drive around in the sun w DH, but didn't get out and then to the baby's drs appt. I never thought I would be able to...
I did Internet research and found that it is the most recommended pain killer during bf' ing bc of it's short half life and research showed it did not pass to baby. Who knows how reliable it is....but it was what I needed to hear. I took 2 for a headache.
I think I remember taking ibuprofen while bfing last time, but the nurse told me only Tylenol.  Tylenol just is not working for me...  Are others taking advil-- how much??   :)
WOW! Congrats!!  The pictures are awesome!!  Costa Rica....our family has big plans for an adventure there one of these... years!!    Welcome to the world little Mackenzie!!
Oh Under I am SO happy for you!!!!  i have been stalking this site to see if you had delivered.  Fabulous name....Maggie is my sister's name!!! 
Yayyy under!! I am tearing up for you....guess it's the hormones!! Angel- my 2 older sons are 6 and 10, so things are different, but still somewhat the same. DH feels strongly that the adversity kids go through when a new baby arrives is really good for them. I agree, but know that each child needs some extra attention. I have definitely allowed more electronics and special privileges....that has helped!! Just try to relax and know that it's just a short phase. My...
Yay grateful!!!!! What a relief for you!! Cannot wait to hear news that baby has arrived!! I would bet under is in labor too!!! Rose- I did a water enema to stimulate labor bc my water had broken and labor didn't start for 19 hrs. The enema was not bad at all-- no discomfort or pain. Try it!!
Definitely try chiro 1st-- way easier than eliminating food!! We do lots of cluster feeding at different times during the day too- nips still a little sore, but only initially. Hope things are looking up!!
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