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  Or sneaky nettles hiding everywhere...grrr. Or hogweed. Or for that matter wild roses. There is a reason my garden gloves are real leather.
So you don't need to plug the hole? I know a few people who tap birches...they are always so very careful to tap just so much, and then they plug the holes. But perhaps birches aren't as good at healing as maples?
I am glad the maples really have someone who cares for them. I suppose I am sensitive when it comes to bleeding trees...because we had a farmer who cut limbs of our maples in the spring without asking which killed them from the bleeding that wouldn't stop.
Poor guys. All of that pain, none of the gain.   As for the laughing gas it is one of the most common pain relievers during birth here in Sweden. I'm always surprised when I talk with Americans that they don't have it as a standard option. Sure, it is not as effective as some and sure it can leave you nauseous if you get too much, but I think for mothers who want to go through the process as naturally as possible it is a good alternative. Plus, the woman herself can...
Just be careful so you don't bleed them too much. :)
That's really good to know. Thank you. :)
  It does help. Thank you! :)   I suppose, that means I should count on a full 48 hours in my damp home before things dry. Can hemp be dried on radiators? Here in Sweden, we run our radiators for at least 8 out of 12 months. Which does speed drying up a bit. And during the summer, I'm thinking of hanging a rod in the windows on the sunny side, to make use of the warmth on sunny days to speed drying up (and take stains out too).
Thank you everyone. It really does help hearing from others who do have experience, since I just had no clue about there being no need for doublers during daytime, nor for how long a snappi usually will hold up to being used. :)         I hadn't planned on buying it all at once. For one thing, it is easier dividing the cost over a few months. For another, we might find we prefer cotton over bamboo, or the pockets over the flats, or look into fitteds for ease of use. We...
As the title says, do you think this stash would take me from birth to potty training, or have I overlooked something essential?   In my family, and culture, babies are usually potty trained between 18-24 months.   I am mostly thinking I would go with flats (and a few pockets into which flats can be stuffed), because of the versatility and because I need something that can line dry indoors, in a moist climate, within 24 hours. Paired with disana tie-on nappies,...
If it was me, I would have a talk with the parents of the child who are the reason of the list. Explain the issue at hand: - dairy allergy - trying to avoid pre-packaged food because of nutrition etc. - the cost of pre-packaged vs. home cut alternatives.   I think if I had a child with a peanut allergy (or another serious allergy or condition that can be triggered like that) I would also be cautious. But I would also not be unreasonable. After all, the world...
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