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I don't even know where to start with this.  My 7 year old has intermittent severe tooth pain in one of his lower side teeth (about half way back).  He had a filling in the tooth and complained of pain right away after the filling was done.  We took him in for a follow up and the dentist said everything looked fine. Pain continued, usually when he would eat or drink. We figured it was just because the filling was new and there was residual sensitivity.  Tylenol. Oragel....
I have 2 intact boys, 11 & 5yrs. My little one was playing on the computer & started crying that his penis hurt out of nowhere. It looked red. He did not want neosporin on it. It didn't hurt when he peed. He swore he didn't pull it hard or put anything in it (If you have boys, I imagine you understand that question haha) We went to bed. Today, no real complaints till he peed at dinner. He did LOTS of complaining then. I got home and had a look. He is mostly...
no problem. Once it's up & running again, if it has moved and it's not obvious as to where, please direct me then. Otherwise, I will wait patiently. Thanks for the response
cam you direct me to it please?
Is nobody else grossed out watching "brian" make out with susan? Still freakin me out.
My son is technically in 4th grade but he only does 2 classes with 4th grade. He does 2 with 5th grade & one with 6th grade. PE, ART & the like are multi grade so that doesn't really apply. I like it, in that if he evens out in the next 2 years he can maintain in 6th grade and not be forced onto things he's not (mentally, emotionally, physically) ready for. I am strongly opposed to promoting him for a number of personal reasons, so I am quite happy with the...
Current favorites 7mary3. Cory Branan. Lucero. Over the Rhine. Ani diFranco.
Slightly OT... I'm a salon owner and industry educator for a company that only makes chemichal laden stuff. A lot of the most "natural" professional products (sulfate free, paraben free, vegan, &/or organic...) use artificial fragrances because of the allergy issue. If you're looking for a mas produces natural-ish product you have to decide where you fall on that issue. In my opinion you can get a "better" product by opting for the synthetic fragrance (again, I'm...
I look into a vacation house or condo you could rent for the link. I'd send emails saying "I found a great deal!" "Your own kitchen & 3 baths!" All else fails you can say you'll need some quite time to recouperate & you love them dearly & would love visits, but houseguests are just too much.
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