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Thanks for the reassurance. Last night he was very fussy, so I decided to take him in today to see someone just to be safe.
My 3.5 month old sometimes spits up quite a lot. Yesterday he soaked his onsie and it was all over my lap as well. He's thriving and actually quite big for his age. He doesn't seem to be in pain. He also gags for no apparent reason or sometimes when he"s nursing. Is this just normal baby stuff? We've got our 4 month checkup coming up, but I thought I'd ask here too.
I'm so grateful to be able to nurse my ds but I'm only able to nurse from my right breast. The baby is thriving and I'm producing enough. I'm just totally lopsided. I don't want to be topless in front of my DH and I look ridiculous in a swimsuit. I guess my main concern stems from vanity and I know it could be worse. I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there with the same issue.
I once banged my ds1's head against the door. I really clocked him and started crying immediately. I watched him closely, felt like the world's worst mom and spent the next few days really trying to make it up to him. He's 6 now and just fine. 
I think it helps to have a good sleep routine. For us, the trigger for night time sleep is the swaddle and story read to my 6 year old. I do this at the same time every night. When it's difficult to go down for a daytime nap, I swaddle him and rock him to sleep. If this fails, the surefire solution is to put him in the baby carrier while I vacuum or go for a walk. If I do sleep in with him, I always end up regretting it because he falls out of a pattern. Good luck mama!
I have a six year old and a 2 month old. My six year old started itching his bottom, so I began treating him with diatomaceous earth. Lastnight, my 2 month old was extremely fussy which is unusual for him. Today when I checked his diaper, it seemed like he had worms on his anus. I didn't see anything moving. I'm so disgusted. How can I treat my baby? I really want to avoid OTC medication. Also, how quickly can I expect my six year old to be pinworm free after...
My ds went to sleep at 6pm lastnight. He's been waking every few hours to nurse since then but goes right back to sleep. He was awake for only about an hour or so all day. Could this be the result if a growth spurt? He's just so sleepy.
Pearce and his big brother Hunter... Pearce was born on March 1 8lbs 4oz and he's a perfect addition to our little family. 
My baby is a day and a half and I haven't noticed a pee. When do I worry?
He's here! So glad to have Pearce on this side. I feel great and will post pictures soon. Totally in love.
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