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my 9-m-o was 10 lbs at birth, and he is now in 18-24 mos clothes....he's been in them for a couple months, as his growth is slowing down. Which is good, because he's 31.5 inches tall!! we also use cloth, but I use really trim cloth, which helps, and I choose only the baggiest, stretchiest styles. he doesn't wear jeans or skinny pants ;).  I think in this situation, all you can do is buy the clothes that fit him best, and make do. I have to roll up pants and sleeves to...
my dd was 11. she wanted me to teach her, so I did. I don't know if she's still shaving! It's been about 6 months. I think she thought it was more trouble than it was worth.
Read "123 Magic" --it's great.
Ok, I think she needs discipline.  But there is an additional trouble at your place, your in-laws.  Can you move out? If not, the only way to really deal with this is for your partner to create a boundary with them, where they can't overrule you all. You are the parents. You are in charge, not grandma, not in-laws.  The child, like all children, needs limits, boundaries, and consequences.  And consistency. I would try to copy what her mom is doing at your place.   It...
  I use "123 Magic" which is a rather mainstream discipline book, but an age-old and effective method.  There is no yelling or hitting.  It lets children decide whether or not they'll comply. If they don't, they get a time out.  It takes a lot of parental work at first, but it's one of the gentlest ways out there, assuming it's used consistently and kindly (avoiding angry time outs and yelling!).     Anyway, in my house this situation probably would not happen. We choose...
We have the min cosleeper, and I wish I'd gotten the full sized one.  I used it while we were in the newborn nursing days, and it was nice to have a safe place to stash my baby between feedings.  With my other child, I used a crib with one side removed (and the whole thing was strapped to our bed), and that was also nice.  
I have never co-slept with multiple children, and I am not doing it now (we have the baby in a crib in our room), but I would recommend getting the 2-year-old in her own bed asap.  That might also cut down on her night wakings for milk.
that situation sounds really unpleasant. Glad it ended up working out happily.
I should add to my crunch resume: non-circ, kids go to crunchy schools, and I used NFP to conceive my littlest. (I am reminded as I browse these forums that some of these ideas used to be "radical") hah!  
Thanks for the welcome!
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