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If anyone is interested... I am in school for pottery, and am willing to send broken pieces of pottery. You just pay cost of shipping. Let me know! Laura
Thank you all for your support! Taking it easy is something I really did'nt think about. I guess I was trying so hard to find things to occupy myself I forgot that I need to take care of myself too. Now my body has kind of forced a break on me. Sometimes the pain from the mc is so bad that I can't do anything but curl up on the bed and wonder if I am going to die. I have only had this kind of pain 4 times now, but it is not predictable so I can't go anywhere...
Three years ago I lost my 2 day old baby. We light a candle on the first and blow it out together on the third. This year we recieved flowers from my husbands dad who is the last person we thought we would hear from about this. I was so touched that he remembered my baby that I cried. He was the only one, and it meant more than words can say! So happy you are trying to find her. And the fact that you are not a regular part of her life means even more!
I almost don't know where to start...I don't come here very often but you guys have always been so supportive I feel very comfortable "letting it all out" here. Two mondays ago my grandmother who I was very close to and practically raised me died. It was very sudden. When I found out my legs turned into spagetti and I almost fell, then I just wanted to curl up on the floor under a chair at the hospital while the family was trying to explain what happened. Besides...
Wow! I used New Dawn, and they are GREAT!!! I am not sure how far they will go for a homebirth, I would imagine that they would like to be close enough in case of fast labor or problems. They do require that a hospital be no more than 30 minutes away from the home. Good Luck to your cousin!! Laura
We had the hot water heater turned way up several days before I was due, with a hose attached to the sink. (You can get an attachment) I did'nt care to have any extra hot water in the tub while I was labering, that was hard work and I was hot, hot, hot! The hot water had to be added for the baby when I started pushing. Good luck!
When I was getting ready for a homebirth, I also asked the midwifes about getting a Doula. They have been practicing for over 20 years and I have known them through 2 pg. They explained that whatever I wanted was fine, but they did not think that it would be necessary. They also said that in the past several years they have learned that the more they leave the laboring mother and father alone to do their thing, the faster and easier the labor seems to go. Do you...
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