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My dh just got one for his birthday that says "Are you stalking me? 'Cause that would be super" It has been about 24 hours now and he is still wearing it! LOL
He has his own website now and look at all the stuff he is doing because of this! www.weddingdressguy.com
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face-Several People have done this song Isn't She Lovely-Stevie Wonder I heard he did this song for his first daughter so it brings tears to my eyes now.
Oh yes! If you like This American Life here is great website: http://www.thislife.org/ But be careful! It is highly addictive.
I agree you should do some research to see how big your market is before jumping in. But I think that you have a fantastic idea with some real potential!
Maybe this will make everyone feel a little younger... My Mid 50 year old mother just went out and bought the Outkast cd!! She and my step dad love them!
Hey thanks! I turned it on this morning and the first song that played was Sweet Jane, I can tell me and Radio Paradise are going to be good friends!
http://www.curious3d.com/ This is all computer generated by a woman I know. It amazes me every time to know that she sat in front of the computer and "built" these! While you are there check out the about me page and listen to "I Like" near the bottom, it makes me laugh every time! http://www.simplescenes.com/ And these are really cool! This woman is an excellent photographer, and does poloroid manipulations. Some of the pictures don't look real, but they are!...
Here is another: http://www.looselucys.com/ I have been to a few of their stores, and just remembered that they had a pretty good website with a good selection of clothes.
Your so lucky! I have been trying to get out of the t-shirt and jeans mode, but my dh doesn't care what I wear and is really cheap so I can't justify any shopping. But here are some dream links that I keep just in case I can go shopping! http://phunwears.com/ ok, so there is only one. I checked before I posted them and all are gone but this one! Do let us know what you get! How fun!!!
New Posts  All Forums: