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oh darn! She just went to sleep She is always asking me to use certain faces and would love this! We will be back tomorrow!!
Quote: What about Drew Barrymore and Tom Green? WTF was that all about, anyways?! I know! I love both of them, but them together is just wierd!
It wouldn't take you very much effort to make them yourself if you have a computer and printer! I just made some, and it went pretty fast. I went to a store we have locally called "If It's Paper" and got a small pack of cardstock and used Publisher to make them on the computer. I used the paper cutter at Kinko's to cut them and they turned out very professional looking. Now if I need to do it again I just print and cut and am ready to go again!
I have dyed with dandelion, it was a very bright yellow and dyed more than we thought it would.
I took a natural dying class last summer and had a blast! I found out that you can't get dyes that last from berries. Most dyes are going to come up some shade of yellow or green, but there are some things that will make different shades of pink. We used a place called Earth Guild for some plants that we couldn't find that we wanted to try. I will find the link and put it at the bottom of this. Purple basil makes a very pretty dye, Black eyed susans are really nice,...
I have been invited to a womans only pampering party and need to bring something for pampering! I was thinking a facial mask or scrub would be great, does anyone have a recipe? Or any other suggestions?
I just heard this tip and couldn't wait to share it! My dad is a builder and one of the men that works for him told him about this and swears by it... He says that if you rub the oils from the outside of the nostril with your index finger then rub those oils on you lips you will never have chapped lips again! He never uses chapstick and works outside in all kinds of weather and never gets chapped lips!
Have you tried asking in the Sewing and Crafts section?
I just saw it! Can't wait to see how it unfolds.
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