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Maybe try asking some of the others you have seen selling the same sort of product. I am a potter and asked other potters about many different aspects of the business, and got a ton of help from them! I haven't personally tried ebay, but have watched other potters and they haven't done well. People are looking for a deal and don't want to pay what something handmade is worth. Ebay would be good for you to research your product, but don't rely strictly on that info!...
My mil made a pair of full leingth curtains for her teenage daughter. I finally got to see them and they looked very impressive!
I wanted to add that your local fabric stores might have classes. I went to a doll making class at a specialty fabric shop and got a ton of help!
My dh has the same blinders on! I am also horrible at keeping up with all the housework that needs to be done so...we made an agreement that I would do the laundry if he would keep up with the dishes. This has worked for us for a long time now, it is very clear what needs to be done and who does it. He knows that his job is always the dishes, therfore he sees them. You can just keep adding stuff from there if it works for you guys!
I sent it but forgot to let you know who I was so if you erased it let me know and I will send it again!
I just recently started researching poly. I wanted to know more about it, just to feed my curiosity. The more I learned the more I wanted to know, and now I am very interested in it. My husband has been in an open relationship and found it to be very fulfilling. He would like to try poly, but has also said that he is fine right where we are in our relationship, he is happy. I am a bit apprehensive because we have a 3 year old and am scared of what could happen. We...
Thank you snowy owl! I'm working on my post already, but it won't be there until monday night. Looking forward to hearing everyone elses comments!
If you think that a pottery business plan would help, I will be happy to email you mine! Just let me know.
I am curious also, have been watching this thread like a hawk! I have actually been looking into Polyamory and find it really interesting. Would anyone be interested in starting a temporary yahoo group or something where we could continue to discuss these ideas?
we sort of went tv free for a while. I bought a tv cart and we kept it in the closet and wheeled it out only when we rented movies. This worked really good for a while as long as the tv was put away as soon as we were done. Actually I think we forgot to put it back about a year ago and it is still in the den and we watch it daily again. Mostly videos for dd in the am. It might be about time to put that evil thing away again, thanks for the encouragement!
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