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Thank you! I noticed they were gone and was begining to think that I may have imagined it!:LOL
Ok, what is up with all the booger mamas?????:
I am not in the diaper business, but have been starting a business so I can help a little. I just saw a book that you might be interested in at the link below. http://mamasmith.com/products.asp?ItemID=68&CatID=6 I am a firm believer in business plans for a good start. It will kind of force you to work out the boring details you don't want to think about. There is probably a small business center where you live that can give you more official answers for your...
Hey Arduinna! What is a poly relationship?
There are many out there that need to be told not to do certain things that should be common sense. Did you know that there is a warning on lawnmowers that says not to put your fingers underneath while the mower is running! And there is a good reason that it was put there.:
Thank you guys so much! Webs best kept secret?? Hardly! That website is not for selling, it's my show off website and eventually for galleries to give out. One day I will have a website to sell stuff from, I haven't been able to produce enough stuff for that yet. I am building my kiln in early March so it won't be long 'til I can do more! I normaly use the same stamps, but if you have a design that will work, I will be happy to use it! I have had really bad...
I have made whole sets of dishes! At first I thought you were saying that my pic looks like crap!!:LOL I was thinking "gee, I didn't think it looked that bad"! Looks like buffy? Cool, haven't heard that before!
Wow, thank you!! What a wonderfull compliment!!! I have been out of commission for the winter, but can't wait to get back to work! Thanks again, that really means a lot to me
bumping 'cause I want to know too!
I don't think that you should try to compete price wise with Sears. You are offering a much more personal service, with a very different quality than them. I think you should try doing it a few times from a playground and figure out your prices by your cost and time! Ask yourself a few questions like: How many sessions can you do in a week including the time it will take to for the processing and packaging of the sample pics then taking the order for final choices?...
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