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My dh has a prosthetic leg and in the morning when he is getting dressed he finds it easier to put his pants and underwear on over the top of the leg instead of over the foot like the rest of us. So one morning he did this but forgot his underwear so he took his leg off and put the underwear on and went to work. Later that day one of his coworkers came over and asked what that was on his ankle…he looked down and realized that he didn’t forget to put his underwear on that...
Thanks for all the great suggestions! I didn't know you could just put the unpeeled garlic in a press, can't wait to try that. I am also going to do the pureed garlic thats great! And it will be no problem using it all before a month is up!
I was at the mall the other day with dd, who just turned 3. We passed a group of people, I barely noticed them. Then she said out of the blue, "he used to have a baby." So I said, he did? and she said "yes, it was a going to be a boy." I was too freaked out to look back, I sort of didn't want to know!
I love to use fresh garlic when I cook, only I hate to take a long time cooking. So what I want to do is find a good way to store pre peeled garlic cloves. I tried a glass jar and olive oil, but didn't like that, it was too messy. Anyone have a good way?
I have not done any scrap booking myself, but I have been to a few scrap booking stores and it looks like it could get really expensive. You can get a scrap book magazine, where you would find lots of ideas and places to buy what you need. You can probably find a picture of a pregnancy test online that you can print and put in. Also, I did just do a portfolio for my pottery, and learned a lot about doing it cheap. You can use a regular notebook (they come in white and...
They are called couch sheets, and I would say their a little thicker, and more porous than poster board. Here is the link to the place where I got mine: http://earthguild.com/products/papermak/paperhub.htm I also use old copier paper but I save all colored advertisements and use them to color it. The pulp that they sell at the link I gave you works really well if you want to thicken up your own pulp, and make it stronger. I haven't made paper in a while, but...
I used this thick absorbant paper. A sheet of my handmade paper between two sheets of the absorbant stuff. Stack it all up in a pile and put lots of heavy books on top. I was also told that you could use felt instead of the thick absorbant paper. What did you use in your pulp? Just curious!
I actually have some of those! My mom got them at a local shop that is now closed. You might want to try asking the same question in the crafts section. I would also go to all sorts of craft shows and just start asking the ones that have them until you get a good lead! And one more idea is to look for fiber arts programs in your area and ask them. Good luck!
would you be talking about those childrens shoe laces?
I think flannel is an excellent idea! I am not sure exactly what velour is, I have an idea, but I will look at it next time I go to the fabric store. Maybe I will take the blanket with me and hold this stuff up to it. Thanks you guys! I have been stuck on this for a while, I was just trying to make it more difficult than it had to be!:LOL
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