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I was just looking at old felt threads and found this, its a little old but maybe someone still has some scraps left. http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...highlight=felt
I am making a blanket using squares of cut up felted wool sweaters. I will sew them together using the zig zag stich, but I need ideas for the outside. Some kind of binding. I have seen it done with velvet, and also some kind of finishing embroydery stich, but I want to do something different. I have never gotten into sewing much before so I don't know many options, and there will be no backing so both sides will be the same. Does anyone have any ideas?
I would pay 40-50 too, its nice! I agree with everyone here about priceing also. Another thing to think about is if you are going to add up your time, remember that the more you make these the faster you will get. So once you add up the time and materials if you feel you have priced yourself out of the market, you can lower the price a little and you will be making money once you pick up speed!
Oh, I am so sorry!! Do you think if you call him back and tell him how you feel, he might take payments?
Well that was horrible for them to do that! I can sort of understand how it happened to get out of control, but to take money, shame on them.
Check this out! I found it when I was researching something else. http://search.cnn.com/cnn/redir?sour...y%2Findex.html
Try looking at swapkitty.com. I looked at what everyone was looking for and what they had for trade and there was one lady with bags of scrap felt that she had for trade.
I started my control journal today, I can see how it is going to help! One of the things she says to do in it is a weekly menu/grocery list, and I think that just having that will make us not go out to dinner so much. As for everything else...as long as I make the bed BEFORE I go to the bathroom in the morning things will get done, because that is my big reminder that I am doing flylady! Yes, I have forgotten that I am doing it:LOL :
I still have not figured out how to tell it they are getting ready to foal, but I was just looking at all the web cams and there is one that seems to be moving around a bit at hilltop stables. Does anyone know how to tell?
woo hoo!!!!!!
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