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I'm the opposite, I've had two + babies, and never gotten the shot, and am not sensitized (just had titers checked).  I was reading something (I don't remember where, you could google it) about how the blood might not mix unless you don't delay cord clamping. With both of mine I didn't cut/clamp the cord until the placenta detached.    Edit- this is my third, and honestly if I did get sensitized, I would be comfortable with this being my last baby, so that plays into the...
Oh, and I want an infant one because we live in a climate where it snows, I like to bring the seat in the house/store easily.  
Ok, thanks!  When my son was born I think there was only one that went to 30+.  I never had a problem with the straps, but my last baby was 11 lbs :D It looks like it's gotten easier to pick, thank you!
Hi, I was hoping for a recommenation for a good quality infant seat (with the handle). I think I had a 'safeseat' for my son and it was fantastic, it went up to 30 lbs and the buckles were easy to use.  I don't mind spending a little more for quality.    The baby will be on the passenger side, middle row, of a Toyota Sequoia, there should be plenty of room for anything.   Thank you! 
I steal the baby's prefolds.  I use cloth for backup with the diva cup, but I don't have any heavy flow ones, maybe I should get a couple for going out.  I used depends for the first couple nights and the first day with my last one, and honestly it was nice to not have to worry about leaking on the bed.  
I cloth diapered my first for 2 years, then my second for the first (breastfed poos only- mine didn't eat solids until a year) year.  I'm planning on the first year for this baby too, I think it's healthier for baby, they do contain the bf poo better than disposibles, and I kind of even like doing diaper laundry. It's rewarding to re-use and you really don't have to do much, toss in the washer, turn on, throw in the dryer, and then you can even just diaper out of the...
Mama Sarah, they're Very Baby All in ones :)  I used this pattern with my first and loved them!
I plug up the tub when I take a shower and add about 1/4 cup of epsom salt.  It has both sulfur and magnesium, I sleep better and *think* it helps with morning sickness too. I add it to my kids' bath water as well for the sleep benefits too :) 
That sweater is darling! I made some aios during early pregnancy insomnia, started longies, and bought yarn to start a earflap cap while we're camping next week.    I plan to make crib sheets (we're buying a pack n play with an organic mattress to replace the one it comes with), a baby quilt, and one of these carseat covers.  There are some things that I just like better when they're homemade :)  
That dress is beautiful!  I love the blanket too. I knit a blankie while pg with my son out of organic Knitpicks cotton, it's still super soft.  It was just a plain square though, on the diaganal like a big dish cloth.    I got two small diapers done and longies started (superwash, because I'm not using them as diaper covers).  3 more diapers cut out, going to try to sew them today and then put away my sewing machine/reclaim my kitchen table for a while :)
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