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We're doing good, you're so sweet to think of us :)  Aries and 'Daddy' adore each other.  DH feels a huge responsibility for Aries to have a great Dad, like the one he had...and I can see the pure joy it brings him.   I'm at CD 23 right now.  No clue when I ovulated so I'm waiting on AF, that I expect to come *thinking positive thoughts* :) 
Anyone else have AF return already?  Last time I didn't get AF until 12 months and I expected the same this time around.  I got AF at 2 months PP, despite nursing on demand and comfort nursing.  I think Aries sleeping through the night may have played a role but it didn't with my DD. ???  Right now we're having a pregnancy scare   I can't imagine having a newborn before Aries is even 1 so we're going to be much more careful in the future.  I'm wondering, does the return...
Rosie, my milk supply has regulated a bit better but not without some work on my part.  I realized that expressing 2oz. or so wasn't helping in the over production so I stopped doing that.  I've also noticed Aries having some green poops which could be the result of too much fore milk, not enough hind milk; so I decided to try feeding on only one side per feeding (within a 2 hour time table before switching to the opposite breast) via advice from LLL website.  That seems...
I'm feeling fabulous which I attribute to 1) having consumed the placenta via fresh in smoothies 2) the fact that I am so head over heels in love with my little man and 3) that he sleeps better than I do. I haven't had any of the hormone/mood swings like I had with my other births.  I feel the most balanced and healthier than I ever remember feeling.  I'm 8 days PP and feel like I'm on cloud nine, loving life....which surprised me with having DH away at...
Aries lost his on day 4.  Day 3 it was halfway + and a little smelly which is when I started treating it with breast milk.  If it counts for anything, I did get it wet in the bath on his 2nd day.  My girls lost theirs on day 5 and day 6 or 7, without any special care.
I left it alone until it was detaching and a little goopy and smelly; I dropped a couple drops of breast milk  during diaper changes which seemed to help. 
Aries Sun was born at 2:53am on 4/4 at home in the water with his sisters and midwives present.  It was a long, easy and exciting early labor that started the morning of 4/3 and got fast and intense around 11pm after a small break/leak of his water.  He was born with a tight nuchal cord that slowed down his descent a bit into the world and caused a lot of facial bruising but needed no help breathing and scored an 8/8 on his apgars :)  So in love with life and my little...
My list is done.  Now I'm looking for things to keep me busy while I impatiently wait.
Rachel, you are glowing and have such a gorgeous figure.  I think you're having a boy too but not because of the old wives tale of how you carry.   I'm counting this as my 37 week pic even though I'm technically 36 +6 :)  
My birthing outfit
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