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your idea certainly sounds interesting, but i wonder if you wouldn't be opening yourself up for criticism... obviously, hindsight is 20/20, so criticizing decisions that were made by people we/you likely cannot speak to, who made decisions based on research you likely won't have access to, feels like skating on thin ice.  Just my thoughts, I'll be looking forward to seeing/reading what you write.  If i've mistaken your intention, please forgive me! I'm not trying to be...
I'm so bummed I just found this thread!  I would have loved to join in but i guess I'll just linger till the next round!!!! I'm still trying to lose the extra weight from my 2 pregnancies... it makes me sad that i've had to lose 25lbs to STILL be the biggest i've EVER been!!!! So i have 25ish lbs left to lose and I hope to join in on the next round (hopefully i'll just have 12lbs left to go by then!!!)   GOOD LUCK LADIES!!
That's exactly what I do. DS won't even take a bottle anymore, so we just nurse while we are together, and use solids while we aren't... It has really been just fine for us good luck!
Bouncymummy--I am going through a very similar situation and its driving me bananas! DS is 10 months and I really had no intention if weaning him, but lately I just can't take it. We nurse 6-10x during waking hours AND all night long. I am so sore and raw at this point that every feeding is painful. I have considered exclusively pumping but I'm so raw that even that seems too painful right now. I hope we both find some relief soon
The best piece of advice I've ever heard is that you cannot change other people, you can only change your reaction to them. It's not easy, but it works. My DH has had many a ridiculous boss and their actions consistently affect our family...(last minnute schedule changes, not being paid overtime, cancelled vacations because of a 'big case') it's been 12 years now, and the only way I've learned to cope is to remember that we can only change our response, not their actions....
Owl I use both depending on what the task at hand is. If I'm grocery shopping, then weari f him is easier because it keeps the cart empty. If we are going to the mall, I usually wear him in a maya ring sling AND bring the stroller. Sometimes he starts in the stroller, but eventually wants to be near me, so he ends up in the sling. Right now I just have the moby (used mostly when he was a newborn) and the maya ring sling, which I love!
Lauren. I usually try to double anything that freezes well. Most meals are pretty simple, like meat sauce, split pea soup, and beans. I love to make a good lasagna, or even an eggplant lasagne. When we had limited freezer space I used to cook just side dishes to freeze, then froze them in ziplock bags...like squash, whipped sweet potatoes, etc. anything that would freeze, then after work I only had to do something simple, like bake a chicken. I'm currently flipping...
You can definitely do this! I think whatever choice a mom makes with regards to working (WAH, WOH, PT, FT, etc) it's never easy, it's just different....I rely a TON on freezer meals and my crockpot. I have lowered my standards on what an acceptable level of clean is, and I try not to stress about the little stuff, I am only just now starting to take time for me again, trying to exercise more, etc... It takes a while to find. Groove, but you will!
I had to return to work only a week after DS was born.  I wore him in a ring sling for EVERYTHING but seeing patients... it kept us close, and i know it helped us bond more strongly.  we are looking for a good back carrier now that he's a little older so i can have him back at the office again soon!
i like having a bucket seat especially when baby fall asleep while you are out and about.  DS is 9 months and we are still using it just for that purpose.  that said, i could have easily done without it.  I wore DS in almost every store we went to just to avoid the "cart full of baby" issue at the grocery.  as for keeping warm in the winter, DD is a January baby, and I used to wear her in my moby, then put my maternity coat on top of it, and just made sure her head was...
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