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Our garden completely bunt up in the sun after it rained the other day. =( Prior we had tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and green beans.
I've heard of people using that green block type stuff that you stick flower arrangement in. Cover it with a thin blanket and wedge it in there.
Wow...this thread doesn't give me hope! My dd had STTN (7-8 hour stretches and nurses right back to sleep easily) up until a couple weeks ago when she cut a tooth...now, she's been waking hourly, resisting going to bed, thinking it's play time in the middle of the night, and I can barely even get her to nap with me anymore. I used to be able to lay down with her and she'd nap 2-3 hours, but now, I'm lucky to get 30 minutes. She's never napped without me laying next to...
I'm so sorry this happened to you...people can be so mean. This exact thing happened to me, just replace it with a doctor's office and a 1 month old...Three different people made their kids move and, "Do NOT look over at that baby!" That was rough as a first time mom already struggling and hating breastfeeding! (luckily, now I love it...a friend helped with her latch problems at 2 months, and I was able to start enjoying nourishing my dd!)
You say you're worried about your unvaccinated child infecting your newborn, but what about unvaccinated adults? How many adults get their boosters? And how many didn't receive even half the vaccines they have now? I know I've only received 10 shots my whole life, so by current standards, I'm nowhere near "up to date"...In fact, do you get boosters or the shots you didn't receive as a kid? I admit it's a hard decision to make. When we was deciding, I always thought,...
We still go each month for a few reasons. For one, I like educating our doctor...She was also my OB, and apparently I was/am nowhere near normal with wanting natural birth, keeping my placenta, birth plans (she says nobody does them anymore. lol), no vaxes, etc., but apparently, I've helped her become more open-minded...and I sort of like that. Second, they have designated days/time of day for baby well visits and don't typically schedule sick kids for those same...
I'm actually more afraid of a vaccinated kid infecting my unvaccinated kid. Some of the diseases are spread by children who were recently vaccinated against it. That's why some vaccines warn against being around people with "compromised immune systems" or newborns. The chances of my kiddo getting a wild VPD is extremely rare anyway.
I receive a letter every single month (my dd is 6 months now) about getting her vaccines up to date. And the "governor and his wife" sent me a greeting card telling me to vaccinate...so I sent it to his office with, "No thanks" written on it. Hehe
Hello! My name is Virginia. I'm a new WAHM (new to WAH, that is) to a beautiful little 6 month old girl. I also have a 12 year old step-daughter (although she lives with her mom.) I live in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. I'm married to a wonderful man, and we've been married 3 years now. I just finished my business degree, and when we realized the loan repayment is way more than we can afford, I made the decision to put my sewing and creativity to good use so I could...
I have recently started up a WAHM business though, so my fingers are crossed that it works out enough to pay my student loans!
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