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Congratulations! They are gorgeous and so glad that you are home.
Wow, Lilac! I'm rooting for you! Can't wait to see you and your little guys!! I hope everything goes really well.
If you have fibroids, I think that can affect how big your bump looks. Beautiful, though, however far along you are!
Congratulations Jenny and way to go, Lilac!!! I am so happy that those little ones are growing so well!
Awwww, what a sweetie, Tear!!!! Congratulations!
Great news, Lilac! I am so happy for you and wish you all the best with the pregnancy!
Great number, Lilac!!!!! Yippee.    I hope this is the beginning of a baby boom for other thirty-somethings on here.
So happy to hear that Lilac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Crossing my fingers for you, Lilac!! Wishing all the best to everyone here, too!
Caly  and CaCountry! What gorgeous little ladies!   Caly, so great to hear how Cara is developing and what a sweetie she clearly is! The pediatrician said today that it's from now on that M will probably get sick more often because until 6 mo they have immunity from the pregnancy. Gah. He gets runny noses or deep congestion and we run a humidifier, which seems to help (like Livingsky said).   I love bf, but admit that I feel as though I am fighting an uphill...
New Posts  All Forums: