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Came home yesterday and am just knackered! She has a really poor latch so I was able to get a pump to take home. Still having to supplement with formula though just to keep her weight up, but when she does eat, she can chow down!   My best pumping session so far was 20ml and that I think was her favorite meal. She guzzled that down and then only had about 5ml formula (she's had up to 40ml when really hungry). It looks like milk will be coming in well though. I have...
Violet Phoebe arrived today at 4:11pm EST after a surprise occurrence of pre-e and induction. Not at all the birth experience I was going for but she is safe and sound and I am recovering after some blood loss. We were at 38W1D and she is 5lb 3oz and perfect.  Will update with pics and possible birth story (everything possible in me came out at some point. Fluid and solid) when I can.
I'm so sorry. This is a really difficult situation. Is there any chance that your vet's answering service can get a message to her this weekend? She may be able to come out or at least talk to you with some suggestions for helping Janie to relax and be more comfortable over the weekend.
Mmm... pumpkin pie... Can I be Canadian this weekend? I'm originally from Vermont. That's close enough, right?   In other news, I'm GBS positive. The doc said, "There's only a 20% chance but if anyone was going to be positive it's you." Thanks, Doc. On the plus side, he's is completely fine with the small size of Sprog and sees no reason to induce before 40 weeks.
I am SO having a big, extra thick chocolate malted once this baby is out!
Congratulations, but what a scary beginning he had! So happy they got him out safe and sound.
Lately I've been cheating with bakery items. I had a big corn muffin yesterday but that still only had my up at 146, so things are definitely getting better here. That said, I was rushing out to my OB appointment this morning and then on to work and completely forgot my test kit.
I stopped being surprised by this when I nearly fainted on two men who refused to look at me this summer on a crowded train. A woman ended up giving me her seat (to date no man has offered me a seat but plenty of women have) and loudly chastizing everyone else for not offering me one sooner. Last night I had a skinny young thing zip in front of me to take a seat on the bus that a man had just vacated, perhaps even to give to me (shock!) Had I really needed the seat then...
Good luck, Lifeguard! I can't wait to hear the news of little one's arrival!
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