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Almost 28 weeks and now I think we will make it the whole pregnancy. My colostrum came in about 2 weeks ago and it has gotten her more interested. I am happy since she is only 16 months but now also a little nervous about having two nurslings. Maybe I should have been careful with what I wished for?
So I am only measuring 2 weeks ahead but I feel like I am HUGE. I am slightly nervous about a 10 pound baby. This is me at 27 weeks 4 days (yesterday). Total weight gain was 20 pounds.     
My husband also mailed them for me so hopefully he did it right! They were sent on Friday
Today I like the name Hadley. Hadley Mabel maybe. I dunno. I love Mabel for a first name but everyone in my family hates it and says they can't look at a baby and call her Mabel. :(
oh man this thread gives me anxiety! I have no plans. Whoooops!
I am planning my second homebirth with the same midwives and I am really really excited. It feels so right.   I got a ton of BHs last time when I was drinking strong RRL and nettle infusions every day. I haven't started the drink this time and I haven't had too many BH but I have had several. Plan to start my infusions as soon as I get to the herbiary. 
  23 weeks 4 days!
What kind of strong did you use?
I did my doula training with Jackie Kelleher in Media and it was a WONDERFUL experience! She is awesome and the class was really a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.    http://familybirthmark.com/training_doula_schedule.html
I have heard that it is beautiful! State of the art rooms, equipment, etc. I am having a homebirth but my mw is associated with the hospital so if I transfer I will be going there. Sorry I don't have more details but I haven't heard anything bad about it. I think what it comes down to though is your provider. If you have a wonderful OB/midwife that could make all the experience. 
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