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Wow, another week MIA, this time because I was in the hospital due to stress....really need to learn to let go of some of these responsibilities/expectations :p   I'm home (and SO grateful) now, but baby has dropped, so I can't imagine I have too much longer before the relaxation is over. Hopefully I'll get through the next week so I can make up the two exams that I missed while I was out last week. And then Monday I'm going to the P.O. to send out my gift...
Oh, you poor mama :'( I can't begin to express the sorrow I'm having for you. I will pray for your strength and hope that you are able to heal quickly (both physically and mentally). I will also be saying a prayer for your dear Maxwell.
Kate, something like what I'm wearing might work...you could buy a cheap but comfortable fabric and instead of sewing up the side, use snaps. Then the cords/tubes for the monitors and heplocks can easily be fed between the snaps.
I'm wearing something very similar to the Mexican/Mayan huipil. It's essentially a long piece of cloth folded in half, stitched up the sides leaving it open at the very top for the arms to go through, and then a hole is cut for the neck (imagine a giant pillow case made into a dress LOL). Mine is made of brightly tie-dyed silk so I don't have to worry about it getting ruined, and has a tie on the front that can be tightened or loosened to fit my comfort zone. There is a...
I'm terrible and don't really do anything. I get the birth supplies all in order, and do my best to stay rested and then pretty much trust everything else to go as it should. Probably not the safest method, but it's what I've always done.
Alethia, I'm planning to do my hair the last week of the month....already bought the henna!   Flavorful....glad it helped! And ice cream is ALWAYS good to cure what ails you!!!   Does anyone here do any SAHM business sewing? There are a few things I've been hoping to get for baby, and if anyone here has an etsy store or anything I'd rather shop there.
Countrygirl10, he's VERY open to natural alternatives to medicine, but since we weren't sure how serious the problem was (I mean the pain is bad enough that narcotics they gave him barely touched it, and he's got a VERY HIGH pain tolerance), and if we should treat the symptoms or the cause (which we didn't and don't know what's causing it for sure...infection is suspected, but no proof), so we weren't sure how to proceed. It's quite frustrating and means there is a...
Actually, he had an AMAZING doctor who had done a cat-scan and blood work and was going to do an MRI, but then they found out that the old insurance he had wasn't valid and the doctor's supervisor took over his care and immediately said it was clear he wouldn't be dying in the next 72 hours and that he should see a general practitioner that they weren't willing to help him. I'm so angry, and he's still sick and in pain.
After my trip to the hospital last week, it looks like it's my DH's turn. He's in there with what they think is a severe infection but they can't find the source. They're doing CAT-scans, MRI's hoping to figure out where it's located but he's in a lot of pain and has a fever, etc. I had to leave him there tonight so I could be with the kids, and I'm planning to go back first thing in the morning. I'm just praying he can come home with me tomorrow. I'm really in nervous...
I'm not doing too badly...trying to hold off until at least Spring Break (which for us is the last week in Feb.). And no, I'm SO not ready....just realized this week and started panicking and ordering things I needed LOL. I now have at least one outfit, a small pack of diapers, the bassinet, car seat and birth supplies....so I guess I'm as ready as I need to be :)  
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