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It's hard to look at weight anytime you're pregnant. You always feel like it's too much or too little :( That's why this time I decided not to really look to hard...I started to keep track and realized I was just getting frustrated...so I stopped really looking. I'd say your weight is not so far off of normal (especially if you're a size small), and event though it's hard, you can lose it again. Big hugs, and know that it's okay, and normal, to feel the way you...
Oh sure Hazel, blame the baby for blocking me :'-( *JK* Don't you love it when kids mess with our computers :)
NicMom, could you use a pool float (just one of the cheap dollar store ones) and cover it with a single towel to weight it down? Then it would essentially be like the bottoms of the nice birth pools. I think wet towels would just compact and be not much more comfy than the tub itself???
Wow, I don't even know how to respond with an adequate amount of sympathy...it's just not a sadness you can possibly express in writing! Having their children taken is nearly every mother's worst fear, and I am SO sorry you're having to deal with that. Is there anything anyone can do to help? If you need an ear, we're here to listen :'(
Oh, and Miss_HoneyB I LOVE the fabrics for the new quilt....those are fun.
Tulafina, I like the sweet lush and the god luck bundles! I can quilt, but don't very often. I have an unfinished quilt top, and would like to make one for the baby eventually, but plan to wait till after the granny square afghan is done.      
Wow, that seems so reasonable!  Mine looks more like this lately:   8:00 Breakfast 9:00 Snack while doing last minute homework 10-11:30 Snack during first class 11:30-1 Snack during second class 3:00 Lunch 5:00 Dinner 7:00 Snack 8:00 Dessert 9:00 Another dessert 12:00 A midnight snack Sometime in the middle of the night: Milk and crackers   LOL
So it's been a relatively boring week here....very busy, but just not fun or exciting LOL Listening to you ladies makes me so glad that I'm not in the workforce right now, although I think Astronomy may kill me, so school isn't really fun right now either :p I think the UTI is gone already, which is good.   Christy, I'm so sorry that woman did that. People can be so insensitive :( I can't even believe how cruel they think it's okay to be, especially when someone is...
Mine was gone for a whole 4 weeks, but is back LOL. I'm hoping this isn't just a life stage and that once baby comes I can sleep again. I typically fall asleep fine, but within a few hours I'm back awake and laying there with my eyes closed doing nothing :p Like everyone else I feel tired all day, but when the time comes...sleep doesn't!
I guess middle names for Maximilian have become a moot point. I've managed through cajoling, getting friends/family opinion, etc to convince DH to allow me to name this baby after him! It's not traditional since it's not our first son, and we'll probably make it "the second" as opposed to Jr because we REALLY don't want the nickname "Junior" to stick. He's still somewhat hesitant, but I think he's warming to the idea!
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