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LOL Chriomama, that's the only one we'd come up with.
Anyone have middle name suggestions that might go with Maximilian???
Wow, I feel like I've missed so much this week, and I know I'm going to miss something I wanted to comment on, but here goes: UTI - I thought I might be getting once yesterday, it felt so much like it, and all the stress (emotional and physical) at the hospital seemed to make it more likely. I'm taking Cranberry supplements and drinking lots of water just in case, but fortunately it doesn't seem to be developing (yet....).   Potty Training - DD seems to finally be...
I don't tend to do that, but then again DH does the cooking, so the baby being here won't change things much.  I can see the benefits to it, it's just not something I've ever felt compelled to do (I almost wish I was).
I definitely have, pretty much every pregnancy...I always assumed it had to do with baby becoming more engaged or something, but it definitely seems to be about the constant weight on the area. If I wear a maternity support during the day for at least a few hours it seems to be minimized.
You poor thing :( I've heard things that weren't a hundredth of that over the last few days and was a wreck, I truly can't imagine what you're going through. I know there is nothing in the long run we can do to help baby, but is there anything we can do to help you get through this stressful period of waiting and watching? I will truly be wishing you the best possible outcome...doctors have been known to be wrong, and I pray this is one of those times.
LOL, yeah it is a little shocking...and Ashley, the whole ticker things was getting far behind to begin with...I definitely need to update it now :p
Well, it's official, my "due date" is now going to be considered March 11! That means I could go as early as February 12 (only 2w 2d from now) and still have my homebirth. Since the test they did in the L&D showed it was unlikely I would deliver in the next two weeks it looks like we're safe!!! Since it's a possibility we're wrong, but seeming unlikely we're going to still take it easy and trying to delay as long as possible. Fortunately we're only 5 minutes from one of...
I'm definitely not going anywhere...I wouldn't know what to do without you ladies! I'll be talking to my midwife tonight and I'll let you all know what she says. I know I was just looking up implantation bleeding and found out it usually occurs before the missed period (I thought it was around the same time), which would explain the "odd" 3 week long cycle...I'm all the more convinced now!
I know I'm a little late in the game to be finding out, but....It's a !!!! I'm so glad my intuition was right, and DS is THRILLED. Now to settle the name...I'm suddenly debating that.
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