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All I can say is thank GOD I'm not alone.  I thought I was the only one special ordering bras!  We actually had a fire at the beginning of June and lost everything, so I really need to go get some new bras (working on one lousy bra with an underwire that keeps poking out and a hole that tore while we were cleaning up the debris from the house), but fortunately it doesn't look like they're increasing any...maybe because I'm still nursing and the milk hasn't dried up.
Morning sickness has just started kicking in for me.16 I'm having trouble eating and getting sick at least once a day.16 I'm also exhausted but having trouble sleeping.16 Other than that I feel fine...well constipation, but that's a given with a retroflexed uterus... 16 I'm just hoping morning sickness goes at 12 weeks this time instead of ramping up into getting sick 8-10 times a day for the next 18 weeks like it did last time (fingers crossed).
I was just taking Kroger brand prenatal vitamins, but oooohhhhh Target makes GUMMY prenatals!!!!16 Might have to splurge a little LOL.
Name: Brande EDD: April 1st #Pregnancy/baby: 7/5 Your age/age at the birth: 35 Family: DH, 12yo DD, 10yo DS, 7yo DD, 2.5yo DD How long did it take to get your BFP: we were not trying Birth plans: homebirth with an amazing midwife Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: no gestational diabetes, no 48 hour labor Early guesses about baby (gender/birthdate/etc): boy. and either March 11th (3 weeks early...I seem to like that week in my pregnancies :p ) or March 24th...
I used the old Hyland's teething tablets for my first 4 children and would love a chance to try the new ones with my 5th!
Last homebirth we lived in the country. This time we're in townhouses ("student housing") so I'm a little nervous about the close proximity of people.  It's good to hear no one thought anything of it with you ;)
I'm planning my second home birth.16 Actually, when I read your posts Melissa I feel like we're birthing soul mates :lol16 I'm pregnant with number 5 also, and my first 3 were hospital births.16 My oldest daughter stopped breathing at the hospital but they were able to resuscitate her.16 I think the fear of a repeat is the only thing that kept me in the hospital with the next two. 16 I loved the homebirth and can't wait to do it again (even with a 48 hour unmedicated...
OK, I don't have any clue why all those 16s are appearing in my post. Anyone else have an idea :b 16 Brande
Well, I'm probably the veteran here.16 I've been nursing non-stop for 12 years and 6 weeks :dropjaw WOW, that sounds really long when I say it!16 Other than some tenderness when I was pregnant, I never found it problematic.16 My supply didn't really drop much (although when they were close in age I was careful to get enough Calcium, etc).16 Especially if your little one is only nursing at bed time, like mine is now, I wouldn't worry at all.16 And if you decide to...
Hello everyone.  I'm Brande.  Due April 1st with our 5th!!  It was the first one we didn't officially try for (the others we charted, etc) and was quite a surprise.  We're thrilled.  They will be due about a month before I FINALLY graduate from university, and then I'm considering midwifery.   This baby, as my youngest was, is planned to be a home birth.  We have a 12 yo DD, 10 yo DS, 7 yo DD, and nearly 3 yo DD.
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