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Welcome! Congrats on the little one. I'm expecting #5, due April 1st. This group is definitely not main stream, and very friendly...you should feel right at home here.
I know a lot of schools are doing that, but unfortunately they tend to be spaced out around campus. For example, at my school they have them but it'd be a 10-15 minute walk to the closest one...so the bathroom might be easiest. I would definitely check though, and also take Ashley's cue and see if there is someone that might let you borrow an office (some departments even have meeting rooms you could use when they aren't in use.
I was talking to my midwife last night and she has a birth pool. Now I'm trying to consider the logistics of a water birth. Has anyone had one? Why should I consider one? I really wanted to be in the water last time, but every time I got in the tub I was uncomfortable. I suspect it was because I was cramped. I'm not sure that the water would stay warm very long, and I wouldn't be comfortable in cool water...plus I need to take into account that I would technically be...
I'm with you ladies, I can't believe how close we're getting. I had a midwife appointment tonight and we were talking about birth supplies and whether I wanted her to bring her pool...I'm like why are we talking about this already. She quickly pointed out that if I go at 36 weeks like I did with my youngest I only have a little over 9 weeks left to go! How SCAREY!! I guess I better start planning LOL
Ashley, thanks! It was a long semester, but I enjoyed it. I only jumped in here today though to mention I was just reading your facebook post about gender stereotypes and just about spit juice at the computer over the conversation with your little ones grandfather!!!!  Too funny!   I'll be back to chat at everyone tomorrow :)
I have one too, I also use them mostly for sitting on during the early phase of labor just because they create an ideal position, although I hear they're good for leaning on, etc in the later phases too.
Wow Ashley, a period of resting!!! Someone SOOOO forgot to tell my body it was supposed to do that LOL. I went from pain to exhaustion with pain to exhaustion with pushing and pain :p
Well, I've been pretty absent for the last few weeks with finals, etc.  Now exams are over and I can hopefully go back to normal.  Next time I have finals baby will be here!  Two of my 5 grades are in so far and they are A's, so I'm very happy.  I'm also really looking forward to next semester.  If I'm lucky there will be enough space for me to get into this Law School course I want to take.  I'm in first position on the wait list, and the professor wants me in the...
First DD I had a slight leak at 36+ weeks and they determined it was amniotic fluid.  Knowing nothing about forewaters and hindwaters, I let them convince me that if she wasn't born in 48 hours she'd get infection and die.  They induced with pitocin, didn't work.  They kicked it up a level, and I thought I would die.  Got an epi, relaxed through about 36 hours (some heart fluctuations for her, etc) and they started to talk about C-Section.  Fortunately I finally went...
All for Cake, they're great! Last time I had a list, lots of motown on it, Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, and DEFINITELY Rob Thomas "Little Wonders". Can you tell my taste is a bit eclectic? I didn't use my list last time, and I'm a little worried to honestly. Each time I've picked a movie to watch in early labor that I love and find relaxing...each time I have a negative programming of sort occur. I find myself unable to really enjoy that movie for a year or more...I'd hate...
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