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Don't feel too bad, I think this time of year distracts the best of us ;) I know with Christmas and exams I've been ignoring the board too much...we'll both get back to it eventually!
DH makes wonderful chili. Just a few cans of kidney beans, tomato juice, onion, garlic and chili powder, some diced tomatoes and ground beef. We always have the two spices and onions on hand, and we are now getting WIC (something I REALLY didn't want to do, but have been grateful for) which pays for the beans and juice, so for the price of meat and diced tomatoes (about $10 total) we can make enough chili to feed all 6 of us for about 4 meals, and we're big eaters!
Courtney, my brain is SO far gone it's not funny, and it is making my exams terrible :( I'm just hoping to get through this pregnancy without doing something that results in life threatening danger to myself or the kids *sigh* 16 Ashley, I'm not sure I'd be up to Zumba, but this is by FAR my best pregnancy. I can't believe I've not been in the hospital once at 25 weeks! No preterm labor problems, no huge weight gain, much more energy to get around campus...it's truly...
Okay, here I am at 24+5 (too much going on Sunday and I know I won't get one on 25 weeks exactly). Odd cropping was intentional to showcase holiday LOL. I'm now measuring 35 and people are starting to take bets on when I'm going to go!!! My mom is certain I won't make it to 36 weeks :p
I have one bella, one from target, and several home made versions. I've personally found the home made ones work best for me because there is a little less stretch to them, but ultimately none of them work for very long. Mostly I'm using them as camis for shirts that are cut too low, because no matter the brand by the end of the day my pants were drooping and I was tugging them up.
chiro, sorry about the potential move. I hope that everything works out for the best, and that if you do move it at least means you get to stay home. 16 rosie, sorry about the sick puppy...that can be as bad as a sick baby. At least he doesn't seem to be in pain, which is good. Hopefully getting that slipper out of there will make things better. 16 As for cookies, it will really depend on my energy levels, but I typically make a TON! Usually chocolate chip,...
It's a crazy week for me as I've got finals this week. Fortunately no MW appt for another 2 weeks, so it's not something else I need to fit in between Christmas and exams/papers. I'm really trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but it's not happening yet...hopefully our 12 days of Christmas will help.   I had a big growth week. Lost 1 pound, but gained an inch in the waist and am now measuring about 35 cm. Good thing my poor uterus doesn't have a 40cm cut off...
Is anyone else finding they're having trouble with the holidays this year? I'm finding I'm impatient, tired, forgetful and the holidays are just frustrating me. I'm getting very upset and just wanting to skip it all, not like me at all!
Quinn Michael or Chelsea Paige (depending on gender) will be joining his/her siblings Tatjana Marie, Ethan James, Lilith Ann, and Georgia Soleil.
I'm glad you have the option of the birth center, that should meet the needs of getting away from cousin and everything, and sounds WAY better than that hospital. I'm with Ashley on this one, I'd be "accidentally" delivering in the car before I set foot in that hospital!
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