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zuzusplace   Get Birthing Supplies Get at least some basic clothes, etc that will work regardless of gender Get a pump in case I need it in those first few weeks while I finish classes Get a bassinet Get a car seat Finish insurance stuff Figure out where we want to live Buy a house Make baby a blanket   Adding: Finish Paying Midwife Get larger car  
No one caught my sons, with my daughter I knew only because I knew the "symptoms". DS was never clipped (although he was assessed for surgery...really over the top). DD was clipped by the midwife with tiny scissors in our living room, nursing calmed her and there was no bleeding! Apparently some midwives eve keep one nail really sharp and use that to resolve it!!!
Oh, there are definitely good stories, two of my four breastfeed for 5 years each without a single problem...even the two that had problems it was only tongue tie (no other latch problems, no yeast, nothing). I personally consider myself very lucky and promote the ease and perfectness of breastfeeding every chance I get. This is truly the first time I've ever been concerned.
South East Michigan for me, in Ann Arbor (although I guess that's obvious from the school I attend LOL).
Okay, so you all talking about henna I just thought I'd look and see what the results were (I love henna body art A LOT, and am planning on doing that for a "just for the girls" party I'm having in January to celebrate the baby). I have to say I LOVE the results...that reddish burgundy brown look it seems like I'd get is exactly what I've always wanted when I was chemically coloring my hair. I'm really considering it, but I'm not sure how often to do it...does anyone...
Rosie, in my mind discussion was made for distraction ;) Don't worry at all.   Unfortunately, the last week or so has been SO CRAZY that I haven't tried it yet. I'm going to get some this weekend, and if I see results I'll let everyone know (although I'm guessing it'll take a little while). Geesh, just one more thing that makes me think this birth is going to sneak up on me before I'm ready LOL.
We'd do the whole Santa thing, but HIGHLY modified. We actually do 12 days of Christmas (a goofy idea I came up with and the kids love). We start on Dec 25th as Day 1, and each day through day 11 we have a little tiny present (usually something needed anyway, crayons for homework, gloves, etc), and do a family activity (caroling, baking cookies, etc). Then on Day 12 we have "Christmas" with presents under the tree. They are allowed to ask Santa for 1 item they really...
Anyone know of a way to make the belly feel less pulled down other than the maternity support belts? I have one, and use it, but it pinches sometimes and is often not accomplishing as much by the end of the day.   So DH and I had a really funny conversation this morning after I got dressed for school... DH: That shirt is not going to work sweetie, don't you think you should see if you've got a maternity shirt that goes with that skirt. ME: This IS a maternity...
I'm also planning a homebirth, I'd like to try water but I'm not sure it's feasible with rent restrictions on waterbeds, water chairs, etc.16 I suspect it will be just me the, my midwife, DH and the kids.16 My sister was there last time, but I doubt she'll come again (last time she ended up getting whiney about how long it was taking) and I wouldn't have my mother there under ANY circumstances (I'd invite the neighbor to help with the older kids before I'd let her...
Chiromama, I'll be honest, in none of my 3 hospital births could I sleep well. I felt out of place, anxious about the baby with people coming in and out, etc. My children always joined me in the hospital for everything other than bed time, so I never had to leave them, but I was still VERY eager to go home!
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