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I am SO excited! This is the first thing I've ever won, and my son is going to love these so much!   Thank you!!!!!!  
I'd NEVER leave my child in the car. He is almost 4 so it would be completely innapropriate and dangerous!!! I was left in the car to watch my younger siblings when I was in Elementary school.  I know I was mature and trustworthy at an early age, but I would have been helpless against kidnappers, and can you imagine if something DID happen? If I at 8 year of age had not managed to get my 3 year old brother out of the car on time for some reason? I would have been...
Don't know if I need to post a seperate reply for sharing, so I'll say it again: Liked AND Shared!
LIKED  AND SHARED !!!!!      Growing up we dabbled in more "natural" foods, but now that I am a mom I am serious about giving my son organic, good quality foods. I breastfed until my son self-weaned, and till now he is eating a vegetarian, organic, low wheat, low dairy diet. We try to make the most out of our small garden by plantic simple foods (like lettuce and berries) in containers. If I had the space I'd love to compost, and I'll definitely start that once we...
Oh, I am Sissi Pfaar on facebook!   Liked and shared, liked and shared..   :)
I have liked both pages, AND shared the contest. Now I have my fingers crossed that maybe my three year old will soon finally get the balance bike that he has been asking for since last christmas. We buy a lot second hand to get him the good and educational toys, but we haven't been able to buy him a balance bike yet.
Thank you so much for your interesting answer! I will definitely look at those. Thanks also for the link. I had never heard of that group before.   :)
Hello, my son and I are moving back to the Princeton (probably Plainsboro) area and are looking for new friends. Daddy is dutch and working abroad and it's been hard for us to have to say goodbye, but we are all waiting patiently to be re-united. I am looking for nice, natural minded people who may be interested in playdates and the like.   If there are any dutch families out there we'd love to meet you too.   Thank you!
Thank you!  :)
I am german/american and my3 year old son and I are moving back to the Princeton area in NJ. His father is dutch and we have to be apart for quite some months due to immigration things :( My son has to leave behind his best friend AND his dad and I am so afraid of how this will affect him. I am hoping to find him lots of lovely, easy going friends in the area (and I wouldn't mind some myself), and on top of that it would be great to get him together with another...
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