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Hmm I've seen barrettes with a little bit of rubberized coating on the inside to stay in fine hair. I don't know where to get them because we got some as a gift. If I find out I can let you know.
A warm hug for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by meowee I don't know if there are any AS moms here who post on wrongplanet, but a beautiful young lady who was a member there took her life last week. You can PM if you have questions. I am just crushed by this news. I'm really sorry to hear that.
Sugarlumpkin, I was thinking of you and your sweet little guy today.
Oh my heart is so heavy for her.
Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. You are surrounded by hundreds of mamas thoughts, wishes and prayers. Hope you can feel them wash over you like a gentle hug.
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