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Madonna with child, millennium redux.
Quote: Originally Posted by dnw826 And about picking things up-my kids or people who would drop things near me at dd's gymnastics...no I can not bend over that far while sitting in my chair, either. If your kid throws a ball at me and it goes under my chair, there's no way I'm getting it out. You can get it yourself. Gotcha, I hear you on that. Bending down when I had my big pg belly was pure torture for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by dnw826 6. No, the pregnant lady who can barely move is not going to huff and puff to get on the floor and pick up your stuff for you when you're capable. Don't give us that look. I would if I didn't have intense shooting pain in my hip from even walking. 7. Not cool to wipe your blood on stuff in the restroom. Does this even need to be said? #7 is just #6 I'm curious about who was expecting you to pick...
Oh hon. Your latest update....I'm just in tears for you. I hope all his friends can help keep his memory strong for your children.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your son.
Really cool that you are getting the message out in such a positive way.
Quote: Originally Posted by mom0810 I don't really trust that source, but if people choose to believe that, it's fine. Antidepressants help SO many people, and a lot of people, (myself included) LOSE weight on them because we feel so much better and do not turn to food for comfort. So I guess it's just a matter of what you are predisposed to believe. That's why I wrote this: Quote: **Adding the disclaimer that if your a/d is...
I haven't heard of this before but it makes total sense to me. If anyone else has experienced weight gain from a/ds but didn't know why, this *might* be an explanation. I thought it was interesting because I have never seen anyone talk about why the weight gain happens, just that it does. (I couldn't even get my Dr. to admit that my a/d might be causing weight gain. ) Quote: Psychiatric medications have a terrible side effect of ramping up your blood sugar...
Quote: Originally Posted by rabrog If they try to take away religious exemptions due to this kind of stuff, they will force us to falsify vax records (which I've already thought of doing more than once). Jenn Does anyone know if there are criminal penalties for doing this? I've searched and I can't find any info.
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