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Mama, you can definitely do it! Keep telling yourself that. Just keep going every day. It will get better and better gradually, and when you look back in a few weeks you'll wonder how it happened! It's great that you have made so much progress already.
Honestly, my first thought would not be that her parents taught her to think that way. She probably just has that worked out in her head as the order of things. Don't you remember all the things you believed as a kid and had to learn about as you gained experience? She's only been on the planet for 9 years. I have pairs of jeans older than her (much older.)
Aww, poor little guy. I'm glad you were able to give him so much love and comfort before he died though.
Quote: Originally Posted by flminivanmama i noticed that! flminivanmama, this is totally OT, but your sig has possibly one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen!
I sprayed breastmilk at some random people today Keep me company for a bit?
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