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I sprayed breastmilk at some random people today Can this damage our credit?
Wonderful news! I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts, but for now I'm just so glad she found the strength somewhere in there to break through and find her way back.
I am humbled by the privilege of reading your beautiful words about your beautiful boy. I have learned more from your post than I could from any parenting book. Thank you, James, for the gift of your life.
so so sweet
Congratulations to your whole family, how wonderful!
Quote: Originally Posted by Helen_A Where did you get the idea that pecker means upper lip...?: Here in the UK it is most definately a word used for the male member... and keeping your pecker up, whilst considered polite enough for use, is, um, : : If we mean keeping a stiff upper lip, that's what is said. Eek! Maybe it depends on where you live in the UK (just as phrases vary regionally everywhere), but I just looked up the phrase,...
I'm sorry for your loss, mama. My heart breaks for you. I'm glad he is at peace and with his Nana.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alana I think when we find a new house to rent...Im doing a background check on the LL Oh my. It'll be good to be well away from that guy. Yikes.
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