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Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 It looks like a mens-department XL undershirt with a comforter sewn on the bottom. :
Quote: Originally Posted by race_kelly Well, when I first read the title I thought you were looking for names to use to bash strangers with.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabe I hear that in America "stuffed" means pregnant rather than very very full after a meal. Where did you hear that? We always use it to mean full after a meal too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola I can play greensleeves on my viola--perhaps it tickles you when I do that. :
Thank you, Pat. Peaceful journey.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phantaja Hmmm...sticking out like a sore thumb is me Pardon the monster boobs. That's the only pic that I have of myself online. And my awesomely awesome stepkids! I agree with wytchywoman--you're all stunning! So many gorgeous people post here--wow!
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