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I have one word: sciatica - I can deal with the boobs hurting and leaking, I can deal with the constant bloated feeling, the constant need to pee, the orbiting space station that is my ass, the half baked sleep and DH's need to mount me constantly ( something wrong with him! ), the ridiculous cravings(DH helps me out there - credit for him ),  the neck pain, the gawking, the weekly visits to the gynie and so on - It's part of the routine - but why the hell, did that have...
In my case, once nursing was complete, there was no more nighttime milk or bottle. None of the three needed it anyway, there were usually tired enough at bed time to just roll off to sleep. Very lucky that way, I was generally finished nursing with all three around a year and a bit. I too noticed the increase in solid food uptake once there were done on the breast.
Crackers, grapes and a noisemaker is what gets me through the grocery store with my 2 year old. Don't be afraid to properly discipline them. Mine had a little screaming fit in the store - I just let her have it out, when she was done, we carried on. I would never let her get as far as unbuckling the belt though, you must enforce that. Just clamp your hand around it and let her scream.   It's tough, all kids are different, but don't be afraid to lay down the law in...
Keep on really good one. Time fly's and when your little ones have a little one or you find yourself babysitting you have something to use. The rest, Kijiji or eBaby.   -J
I tend to jog a lot and I want my little ones with me. I'm sure not going to try to strap my little ones to me as I do that, but they *love* going out in the schwinn double. The thing is too, my little ones even as newborns couldn't stand the sling. Maybe I didn't have it on right or maybe I stink or something, but they wanted nothing to do it with it. The Bugaboo on the other hand they were happy, provided they could see what was going on, the bassinet didn't work for...
We used our snugrider quite a bit - mostly when ours was asleep, just popped her carseat out of the van and into the stroller - otherwise she generally prefered to be more or less sitting up/propped up to see what was going on. We got about 4 months use of it for the first.   -J
I find the side by side easier to push and more stable than an inline - if you aren't using it for the mall anyway, then my theory is keep the kiddies side by side and they can entertain each other a little - of course thats good and bad! What I did, at my husbands suggestion was check out Amazon's best seller list in strollers and the comments there then I went looking for a used version of the same thing.   -J
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