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Thank you all this is such an awful time and I am still dealing with the custody drama her bio dad hasn't been to see her I get a text from him every six weeks or so. He actually paid his child support this month for once in over a year, he has no idea what happen. My Fiance was so good to her he treated her like she was his she would sometimes call him dad on her own. she misses him so much it is really hard to thing that her bio dad could be so different to her. her...
so my world has come crashing down my fiance died suddenly Friday after thanksgiving, I am so lost I told my daughter the best i could she asked for him for the first time in a few days and I almost lost it please help me
Thank you every one it helps to know this information hopeful he will step up one day but until then I will just do the best I can things are going well with her future step-dad she so at least she has a positive male role model in him.
Hi everyone I am a mom of a wonderful 2 year old the bd has been in and out of the picture for awhile he found out i was dating someone serious and then wanted to have my lil one come to see him over night the thing is he lives a state away and at the time he hadn't seen her in over 6 months and he had never had her on his own longer that a few hours when she was a baby. SO i started custody proceedings to make sure everything would be legal and he couldn't just take...
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