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Quote: Originally Posted by Eligracey Autism existed before vaccines did. You might want to check up on that.
In your shoes I would be looking for a DAN! doctor in your area. They may be able to help with some testing to see what's going on, and supporting your child's immune system to get it back on track. Traditional allopathic medicine will have nothing to offer you at this point. At the very least they will deny the vaccine connection, and at the very worst they will continue to recommend vaccines for your little one, even though he is clearly having a hard time tolerating...
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie But I'm guessing no one would have a problem with them bottlefeeding their dolls? Odd. Exactly!! Quote: Originally Posted by MaryJaneLouise Right, because watching someone else BF will just IMMEDIATEly FORCE someone to FEEL GUILTY! : :
Quote: Originally Posted by anewmama Are you aware that a lot of people who had to take off work due to swine flu school closure lost their jobs because they had to stay home to care for their children since they did not have childcare? I am not saying this as then a reason to get the flu shot but what works for you in terms of your employment is not a luxury shared by others. Vaccinations are not the solution to this (unfortunate) problem.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hopesmommy Is it possible that the children who are getting the vax are just kids who already have risk factors for complications of the flu? I mean, do most people with healthy kids vax for the flu? It's a universal recommendation, not just for children with risk factors.
Question: Do parents who vaccinate their children with live virus vaccines always tell others that their children could possibly be shedding? Vaxing is an intentional exposure, too, you know. This situation and some of the responses just goes to show the incredible double standard that exists. It's ok to intentionally expose a child to a disease via a needle at a doctor's office, but a natural exposure to a disease carries the risk of being a social...
DD is 3.5 and is still RF in a Boulevard. She is fairly tall (she's almost out of 3t pants in length) but very lean, so she is still below the weight limit. I'm waiting for the new 40 pound seat to come out (hopefully in July), and we will get that for my car which she rides in 99% of the time. We'll also get one for MIL's car, and then move the Boulevard into DH's car FFing. She only rides in his car 1-2x a month at most, as my car is the "main" family car and we...
I was out doing some holiday shopping after DD was born (so she was about 7 weeks old), and I was sitting in the mall food court getting a bite to eat. DD was nursing in a sling. An older gentleman sitting at the next table kept looking at me, and when I was done and cleaning up the table, he started to ask me questions about DD and he moved his head closer to me in order to get a better look at her. I started to turn away while saying, "oh, she's nursing", and he...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrsboyko Um, DUH? You don't need to vaccinate for EVERY freakin illness out there. But it's a pandemic!!
This is not acceptable. "Screaming baby syndrome"? "Typical" MMR seizure? No. Just, no.
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