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Chad Olsen in Naperville or Jennifer Schening in S. Elgin are both awesome. Overcash at Dryer is also good, but her partners are not. Same for Rucoba in Wheaton, he's great, his partners not so great. 
Sorry you also asked about routine stuff. She's ok with you declining things, or doing your own GBS swab, etc. the pee sticks are in the bathroom, you dip your own, tell her what color it was (normal or not), weigh yourself, etc.    She has a doppler but only used it during labor (I was in the tub) or if you want her to, I switched to her in 3rd trimester so I didn't need the early doppler.    Her office is a living room, her exam room in a bedroom, etc. and...
I had a birth with her in 2007 and had a great experience. You might consider joining the ICAN group for Chicago, she is a member on that group as well. http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/icanofchicago/   If you can't reach her through her office (MAMA) number, PM me and I can give you her pager number. I'm glad to share more specific details via pm if you want as well. 
We saw Brian Morse (foster/pulaski) when my 7 yr old was 2. He didn't blink an eye at my laundry list of her food sensitivities, and really understood her MSPI. I think he would be equally open to working with any other food issues. He's totally cool with all other things crunchy, he takes a LONG time for each appointment (good when it's your turn, awful when you are waiting), and we liked him a lot. We moved out to suburbia though, so I don't have a ton of experience...
Jenni who is your doc? I live in Bloomingdale, and one closer to home would be nice!    OP, we see Jennifer Schening in South Elgin, closer to St. Charles a bit, she's really great, recommends herbs and homeopathy and chiro care, doesn't even ask if we want to talk about vax after we said no the first time. It'll be about 20 minutes drive from St. Charles. 
I don't know if he takes allkids, but Brian Morse is at foster/pulaski and is really super with crunchy families. Alternately, Audrey Stillerman is a family practice doc at UIC who did homebirth, cosleep, and breastfeed. We went to her when we lived in the city. She's fab. 
Ruben Rucoba at Wheaton Pediatrics is a great doc, but I don't like the rest of the practice much, the NPs are good. They are really pro vax, but very supportive of breastfeeding. Chad Olsen in Naperville is awesome. Overcash at Dryer is also good, but her partner is bad news. Welcome to the area.    You will find great help for VBAC here: health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ICANofDuPage/   And local parenting fun here groups.yahoo.com/group/DupageAP/
Mara Tesler Stein is fabulous, but probably doesn't take medicaid. BUT she's a great resource and very friendly, you could call her and ask if she knows anyone who she could refer you to. 
Uhm the midwives aren't exactly legal (or illegal) and they aren't recognized as medical careproviders, so you have to look a little closer. :)   I don't know any in the cinci area, but there are sure to be some. You can call CHOICE in Columbus and they will probably know who is down your way. Good luck! 
We don't do milk, but do get our beef from Family Farms. Eggs too.    In Naperville if you want to order a la carte, there is a guy by the high school. http://www.wallacefarms.com/ you can order freezer meat too, but we use him for turkey and extra steaks mostly. 
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