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My 3.5 y.o. dd has just developed itchy, white bumps on her arms & legs. She's had a fever, but is feeling normal. Does anyone have any idea what this could be & what I should do about it? We don't have insurance, and I don't want to take her to the emergency room {I don't think this is an emergency anyway}. I'd like to treat her as naturally as possible. Thanks in advance! ~Leilani~
My dd#1 tends to ignore dd#2 but will help other children when they need it. We try so hard to teach her to help her sister, but she refuses to help her. What can I do???
I used to have to force my dd to go outside. She'd want to stay in her room & read all day long. I'd tell her she could read outside. She would until a friend came along & then she'd *finally* play!
My Mom always pulls that "Santa is watching you" stuff to *try* to get my girls to behave. My girls don't believe in Santa, but still, it hurts their feelings because she doesn't stop at Santa. She tells them that SHE isn't going to get them anything for Christmas if they don't behave the way she wants them to. My Mom *is* one to create drama, and she doesn't listen to/respect what I tell her.
Guns scare me & it's frightening to me to see children play with guns. I don't know why anyone would provide toy guns/weapons to a child.
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