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For the poll I selected 'other' because we are moving to 10 acres next week! 2acres are partially cleared with a well and wood stove in a small but cozy home. It has a beautiful view of a mountain and completely private, we are so excited it has been a long journey to get here. We have been living in a busy neighbourhood with lots of construction going on and our house backs on to soccer fields( good noise but still noise). It's so quiet out there we are thrilled to be...
Count me in too, please!   Not pleased with my weight loss performance in the last challenge but am feeling really good with the increased exercise and hoping that I am gaining momentum for losing weight.
I have some zucchini almost ready and kale.  I was eating cucumbers late June last year and so far I only have flowers.  My peppers and tomatoes are doing well but all still very green.  Carrots, corn, beets were slow to germinate and seem to be slow growing.    Potatoes, onions, black and green beans all seem to be thriving.   2nd week of July, what is everyone harvesting these days and where are you located?
163.0 - no change   off to walk the dog on my lunch hour...sigh.
Sorry didn't make it in yesterday...I am at 163.5, not much of a difference.   I have been running 3x a week and going to the gym 2x a week,  I cut out wine in the evenings on weekdays and have started eating breakfast earlier in the day.   Now that the garden is starting to produce, we are eating healthier.   Good luck ladies, keep up the exercise!   Go team Yellow!
oops in my dreams...163.9 lol.
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