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here's what i do: wet my hair all over (before i get in the shower) rub bicarbonate of soda onto scalp first then all over. i hang about n leave it for a few minutes, then get in the shower rinse it all off, then pour some white vinegar on and massage it in, leave it about a min then rinse it out! the vinegar makes it really soft. works great
it's lovely reading all these posts, you're deff not alone : ] my baby girl is just over 6 months and she's still only breastfeeding and doing so well. my instincts saying she's not ready for solids yet, so i'll trust us. they say 6 months round here, but babies and children do things at their own pace, from walking to talking, to eating solids! you're doing a fab job keep it up !
hello there. we've been using soap nuts for a couple of months now, but i'm not sure how they wash poo, we're doin EC. but i use them on all our clothes and cloth nappies that have been weed in and i love them. they're the dried shells of nuts grown in india. you pop em in the muslin bag they come with, leave em to soak for 10 minutes then pop them in with your load. i also add vinager and bi-carb and hope they do some good lol. here's a link to the site where i buy them...
Hiya, that's great that your collecting info now. I'm so grateful for the internet, all the things i've learnt about bringing up my baby.. the funny thing is all these things are so natural and make perfect sense, but it's not how things are done in our worlds so you dont know about them until you research ! (for me elimination communication is a big one!) i'm new here too, my name's lucy, i'm 22 and had my baby girl serene in feburary this year : ]
i've been brushing with water for the past week and i tell ya my teeth have never felt so clean. like there's nothing coating them n they're free to do what they're meant to do.
i'm glad i found this. my baby girl is 6 months has been doing this for a few days now, crying, straightening her legs, making me think she doesn't want to go, then weeing on me!! well glad to read it's normal.. she's just started crawling so maybe it's connected to that. we'll get through it... but will our carpets ?!
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