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Okay, well its going to be a while before I get my book. I was hoping to kinda speed things up by going to check it out at LLL this morning but they didn't have it. Since the Unconditional Parenting thread is just getting started we could wait until the first of April for everyone to get through that one, and then work together on this. Denise
DS was about that age when we moved to an area where we had streets on both sides of our house. I wanted to let DS walk in the yard without me constantly worrying about the road so I "trained" him (for lack of a better word) Some GD folks might cringe at this idea. I would take him out side, and show him the Yard, and tell him "This is where we stay". I would walk him up to the road and say "WE do NOT go this far". IF we go this far, we have to go inside." For the...
It was the type belt design..I'll see if I can find a picture. Denise.
About this time last year DP brought home a Volks Wagon Rabbit, I think it was an early 80's model. My car seat would NOT install in this car, so I brought out the manual to my car seat to see if I had missed something, and come to find out the type of seat belt made it incompatible. The car seat was not designed to use those old belts. I was wondering, what would a family do if they had an older car with old belts, or like in my Sedan there's only a lap belt in the...
hmmmm I might join. I am looking for some serious help with my family. I want to live consensually but we have LOTS of work to do before we get there. Denise
Thanks. The more the merrier. Denise
Thanks! That's a great affirmation. My kids have been really getting at me lately. Even when I am stressed out I need to keep how I treat them in mind. Denise
I was wondering if anyone else want to take the Siblings without Rivalry journey with me! Here's the situation. I have a 4 year old son, and an 11 year old step son. They FIGHT! When DSS first moved in I thought, he'd be able handle my very constant and relentless DS. However, its escalated to them all but brawling in the floor. My DS althoug he's four he almost the same size as DSS. Plus my DS is very physical..he likes to touch..hit YOu know. I normally find...
Hello All. I am new to this thread. DP and I have taken the plunge to trying to cut our costs. We live a pretty "lean" life as it is. The major part of our spending is on Rent and Electricity. In the short term we'ev got to save enough money for me to finish school and pay for child care while I am doing an internship. Next we'ev got to cover the cost of school supplies this August. So Today! $4.50 on Lunch (didn't pack one before we left) $1.50 on Packaged...
How about a New seat. I have a nautilus and the cup holder and cubby holes are invaluable. DS rides in the middle of the 3rd row of our Mini van so its not like I can reach back and hand him stuff he's dropped. I also think the Nautilus has a lot of leg support, more so than the Marathon. Denise
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