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Quote: Originally Posted by earthmama369 Why would he think you need his permission to start a garden? : Exactly. His attitude is really rude, hurtful, and disrespectful to you as a person AND as his spouse. You want to grow vegetables, not manufactrure meth . Number one, you Do Not Need his permission to have a garden. You don't. If you don't have a tiller or the strentgh to run a tiller, you can perhaps build ( or hire it built) a...
I was going to chime in and say that we got our kids a small childs size wooden broom from a store very nearby. I haven't seen them anywhere, but I suppose if you wanted a wooden broom you could buy one, then cut the handle down to size and repaint it .
I was appalled. That woman from grants Pass is an ignorant fool, and the cruelty between she , her husband, and their daughters is so thick you could carve it with a chainsaw. I would choose the gay family over them, ANY DAY . I was actually sitting there feeling envious of the obvious amount of open love the gay family shares, thinking baout how I hope my home is like that for my children....and shuddering everytime i heard the Oregon family speak to one another. It was...
I don't see why not. Just watchhim, as suggested above, or cut the pickles into really small pieces.
Ok, I have to come back and make out my list of why this show bothers me : 1. Patrick is so whiny. I want to shake him, anything, so that he will Buck Up and STOP whining so damn much. It got old very fast. He is an attractive man, until he makes that whining noise, followed by his usual constipated face . He needs to get some stool softener and a course in how to express yourself with out saying "Uh, well..." followed by whining. Ugh. I hate whiny men. 2. Patricks...
Also, I never liked SITC, it got on my nerves right away..so that aspect in this show really leaves me cold. The ''breathiness' when people talk annoys me as well.
I sort of liked it initially, but it is really getting on my nerves now. The last episode with the bats and the bear...gahh. I live in the PNW, and I have friends in AK, and i KNOW that is NOT how bears in your HOUSE are handled ! I sat there and just lost pretty much all repsect for the writers. NO ONE would show up with nothing but a bucket of fish heads and a bull horn, for heavens sake. All that did was teach the bear where to return for food. Stupidity , sheer...
Quote: Originally Posted by chellemarie I'm pretty sure this is it. YESS! Thats it. We had a Lot of them. I think my Mom got us a huge set for Christmas, or two large sets to share. We had the blue ,yellow and green, and also orange and pinks as well. They were great, you couldn't break them , and no sharp edges to cut your feet up. I loved those blocks !
Quote: Originally Posted by chellemarie I think I know exactly what you're talking about. They were rough in texture and not bright light legos? I can't find them online. I'm searching! Yes ! they were rough on the outside, not smooth. YAY ! Someone else knows what I am talking baout !
No way..that might even be a smidge too close. I live 3, 000 miles away from my family right now..but right accross the road form some In-laws. There is such a thing as "too close".
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