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Can you tell me more about AAT. I am all for alternative treatments, but the info online is a little vague. I'd like to hear about your experience if you dont mind sharing
For my EBF daughter I have to be careful with meat sources. I found out processed meats like cold cuts- and maybe your hamburger- also contain fillers. My DD doesn't have a problem with the meat itself, but if it also has wheat in it or if it was marinated in something soy or corn based she reacts. She too had reflux symptoms and a ton of gas, but based on my research there isn't a whole lot you can do for reflux other than changing BF positions , keeping her propped up,...
Hi Yes I do have a baby carrier. Actually I think i have one of every type :). My problem is now she struggles against it like it is too confining. she did this when she was younger too but I could settle her by walking or bouncing. Now it seems she wants to explore too much. So maybe I need to put something on the kitchen floor like a playmat. We have tile so I worry about her falling over and hitting her head. thanks for the links I will check those out.  
I have considered doing an allergy test but I thought there are a lot of false negatives with them. Is the skin test pretty reliable?
That's a great idea to use vegan cookbooks. I do have one. Are there any allergy cookbooks you'd recommend?
For what it's worth my DD didnt poop for over a week when she was 11 weeks. She seemed really uncomfortable. A naturopath told me to give her probiotics and for me to drink 1 oz of Sambazon acai juice a day. I saw an immediate difference. She hasn't been constipated since.
I am so grateful for all these responses. Having a baby with food allergies is a very lonely place. Doctors minimize it and friends have no idea what it's like. So it's really nice to hear from people who understand. To answer a few of the questions: Yes, her eczema cleared completely when I went back on the diet. I just noticed some patches have returned today ... Possibly from goats milk I gave her earlier in the week. She has a bad reaction to wheat & dairy for sure. I...
I should also mention that my DD is very interested in solids she reaches for them. She uses uncooked carrot sticks and celery to chew. But when I give her pureed foods she makes a "yuck" face and pushes is back out of her mouth.
Should i wean my 7 mo old to formula? I am feeling really malnurished (97 lbs now and used to be 112) and i am craving the freedom to eat whatever i want again. I haven't had a really good meal since before I became pregnant. I was sick throughout my pregnancy and could barely eat. Then after my DD was born I went on a TED because she had severe colic. I started adding foods back in and before I knew it we had a bad case of eczema. I didn't even know eczema was linked to...
Well I just put in my vote for soap nuts. DD's eczema was almost gone due to an elimination diet, but I could tell something else was still aggravating it. So I washed all her clothes in soap nuts and her eczema is gone! I'm so happy. It's such a relief to see her skin look so good. Now I just have to figure out which foods I can eat.
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