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Okay, I took my ID off the list then.  Thanks, though!
Okay, so is this going to be for birthing beads or teething beads?  Seems like teething beads should be a different list?
That's totally normal!  My peanut does the same thing.  He'll have a really active day followed by a less active day, etc...  My last child totally freaked me out all. the. time. because he was so still.  He'd go most of the day without moving, and the only thing that seemed to wake him up was taking a bath.  So, needless to say, I took a lot of baths.  Let me tell you, being less active in the womb had NOTHING to do with how strong and active he was after birth.  Holy...
We part time EC'd my second child, and had a very positive experience. My son day/night potty trained completely much earlier than my first, but I couldn't tell you exactly when---somewhere between 18 months and 2 years old. I was very relaxed about it. If I caught a potty I caught it, if I didn't I didn't. I did not EC in public or at night, just during the day when I felt like it. When he was walking, I would put on little cloth training paints, so I wouldn't have...
I didn't have problems with blowouts with my second son in cloth diapers sans pins, but I did have a LOT of blowouts with my first son in disposables.  I think it may have been because my first child just tended to have less frequent, bigger poos.  Also, we were ECing part time with my second son, so I was very alert to when he went, and he rarely had the opportunity to sit in poo long enough to make it come out.  
I didn't use pins either.  I just put them in a cover with velcro.
That's great!  I"m excited for you!  The scrapbook thing is a nice idea.  We don't do anything special, other than just tell everyone when we happen to talk to them.  I'll probably just text my mom.  This will be her 6th grandchild, so the excitement has worn down a bit anyway...lol
Well, for me the early movements are hard to tell apart from gas bubbles.  You sort of get those little slight movements that feel like something, but you aren't quite sure.  Then as they get stronger, you might feel more distinct little bumps and twists.  The early kicks feel more like light tapping and movements feel more like....I'm not sure....sort of like a cross between a brush and butterflies.  I usually will feel tapping in one area for a while, then the next time...
Yes, I believe those are mild BHs.  Mine do the same thing, but they vary from not being able to feel them to being quite uncomfortable.  I don't remember many of them at all with my first pregnancy, so you may not have that many that are noticeable.
I can't say I've been really sick, and haven't puked since a day or so before Thanksgiving, but I do still feel "off" much of the time, mostly in my stomach.  Carbs still make me feel better and it is hard to figure out what I can eat most of the time.  I try really hard not to think about it, and try to focus on baby moving more often.  This one is a real kicker.  I was really excited today because I could actually see the spots where baby kicked a couple times.
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