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She is beautiful!!! And look at all that hair! Lovely!
I know, he is HUGE!!  I am bummed because most of our fun toys go up to 25 pounds which I am afraid will come sooner rather than later!!  He kicks his feet So much and i want to put him in the jumperoo but he is still so young that he doesn't quite have complete head control yet.. I am afraid when he gets it he will be too big hahah!  His daddy is 6'3" and my dad is about 6'5" so I think he is just destined to be ginormous.
Hey everyone!!  Been busy with the baby... wanna see??  Looky looky...       He is 2.5 months and HUGE... he is already 25 inches long and 15 pounds haha!  He is gonna be tall like daddy obviously!
Oh and an update -- Meredith had her little boy on May 10, and he already has a winning name! -- Deacon 
Yes! He is here and is keeping me busy. Here he is, Deacon Alexander, born May 12 at 2:10am - 8 lbs. 13 oz. 22 inches long.   Here he is practicing his karate skills at home.   Still in the hospital here, lookin all cute n stuff.   One tired mommy -- admitted Thursday evening after my doctor's appointment when we discovered I had preeclampsia, cervadil all night to soften cervix, then pitocin Friday morning.  After trying for an hour to do it...
Good morning everyone.. yes still here and waiting :)  I just noticed it shows my due date as the 12th on the this thread, it was actually changed to the 10th, but either way it's close...  So this Thursday is my official due date and I hope that I have something to show for it.  SOME progress would be nice.  I am spending time walking each day, but maybe I am not walking enough?  I walk for about 45 minutes, maybe I should do that a few times each day instead?  To...
Mummoth - thanks for the new thread and that is SUCH a cute picture!  I love hearing about how awesome your other children are, too.  This will be my first, so I won't have any experiend with that for a long time.  A birthday cake is a great idea, I am thinking about having a birthday party even though I don't have any other kids... hmmm. Maybe I will change my mind after he is here and decide it is too much work hahahah :)   Well, I had another doctor appointment on...
Congrats belacsmage!!  How exciting!!   I am still here.. waiting... although at my doctor appointment on Thursday I found out I am 1cm dilated, so at least that is some progress!!  I have another appointment Thursday, let's hope for more progress!! :)  I think I may have had some pre-labor contractions last night... a couple times.  Not sure though, it's hard when you haven't experienced them before to know for sure but I felt some tightening.  Anyways, still waiting!
Loved the video Belia and congrats!!  AndtheStars - this thread is perfectly comfy for us in April, thanks for trying!   I am approaching 37 weeks.. and I couldn't be happier.  I am SO ready for this baby to come out and am hoping that he decides to come a bit early.  I know the statistics say that since this is my first one he will probably be late but I am a rule-breaker in general so let's see if I can break this rule!!!   The sun is starting to shine here in...
So sorry Deborah, thinking of you.
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