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Connecticut Midwives seeks community organizer to galvanize support for legislative action. This is a volunteer position for someone with a passion for women’s rights, an affinity for working with a variety of people, and strong organizational skills. A talent for fundraising is also a must. Job includes grassroots activism to enlist support of community members, civic organizations, local and national organizations to support passage of legislation for Certified...
Hi there and welcome to CT. I do not homeschool my kids (4.5 and 2) because I work (as a home birth midwife and writing about maternity care issues.) But I would certainly be interested in getting together. I usually carve out my afternoons to do stuff with the kids. Winter is tough in this area. We belong to the aquarium in Norwalk and go to the Peabody in Yale somewhat often (I can get in free because I have a Yale ID.) Other than that, we rely heavily on indoor...
http://www.solaceformothers.org/about-solace.html This is a wonderful new organization that offers resources and an online community for survivors of childbirth trauma. There is also a free warmline to connect with counselors with special training. -Amy
Quote: Originally Posted by balancedmama Does anyone know when any of the results of the survey will be available to view online? Women will be able to search results (look up feedback on providers/facilities) in 2-3 months. It's not like Amazon where you can just read people's reviews - the program actually synthesizes and summarizes the data from everyone's surveys. So it's coming soon - in the meantime spread the word to women to get plenty...
The server problems have been fixed!
After a rocky start, The Birth Survey seems to be working again. The reports (ability to see the feedback others have left about providers, hospitals, etc.) won't be available for another few weeks (if my understanding is correct). But anyone who has given birth in the past 3 years can take the survey immediately! www.thebirthsurvey.com
I'm not sure what study it is that you're talking about, but here's a link to Henci's critique of the Term Breech Trial, which is the trial that doctors point to to "prove" that vaginal breech is unsafe. As you'll see, the study is deeply flawed. http://www.lamaze.org/Research/WhenR...7/Default.aspx There have been several other studies that have come out since this one looking at long-term outcomes. Jennifer Block's book "Pushed" also has some very...
My pleasure - glad it was helpful.
Sorry - I'm just seeing your reply. Sounds like a mess and lots of treatment of iatrogenic problems they created themselves! You need a subscription to see the cochrane review, but here's a summary that I wrote about it: http://www.lamaze.org/Portals/0/Rese.../2007-9.htm#A1. I hope that helps! You can also PM me and I'd be happy to send you the paper itself. -Amy
Also, the recent Cochrane review of early skin to skin contact found an 11 point difference in the average blood sugar between babies held skin to skin and those who were separated from their moms (these were healthy term or nearly term babes). 11 points is highly clinically significant! A lot of the hypoglycemia they're getting in hospitals may be an iatrogenic effect of separating moms and babies (or of other practices, such as glucose-containing IV fluid, etc.) -Amy
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