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129 lbs for last week, and still 129 for this week too! I think I've been stuck at 129 for 3 weeks now....so discouraging!
129 lbs
It's been a terrible two weeks for dieting and execercise. Luckily I haven't gained weight, but I haven't lost any either. I'm still at 130lbs, sorry team! P.S. I've been at 139 lbs for weeks 4 and 5.
Daddy feeding our little "J" solid food(a plum) for the first time! 
hi all! sorry barefootmama, i didn't have time last week to log in and give you my numbers. So last week i weighed 131 lbs, and today is 130.
I'm going through the same exact thing as you are! I'm sorry, no advice or suggestions over here but just letting you know that it happens to others too. My DD is 14 months old and her diet consists of selected fruits, quesadillas, turkey and cheese sandwiches, cheese strings, yogurt, whole grain cereal and that's about it. No veggies, meat, chicken, or fish! Drinks water and whole milk, and some coconut water every once in a while. I worry about how she doesn't really...
Hi milk, is there room for one more? Sorry I'm kind of late, but I just logged in and saw that the other version of the 8-week challenge run by Teresaesa just fell apart. If I can still join, my weigh in for this week would be 132 lbs. If not, then I'll just wait for the next challenge to start. Thanks!
poiyt- I understand your frustration. Many years ago I lost 20 lbs, but it was no easy task at all. It took a lot of effort and a few tears. After I had lost the lbs, it was so easy to maintain my ideal weight. But now, it's been over year since I gave birth and it's been so hard to feel truly motivated to lose weight again. The first year of dd's life wasn't easy for me. I had pp depression and had to go back to work when she was 4 months. This time around, will cost me...
Hi fellow mamas! Sorry for the late check-in...so last week there was no loss, but no gain either  I stayed the same at 133 lbs. I had a few indulgences since we celebrated Mother's day and our 2 year anniversary  . This week however, I lost 1 lb, so I'm down to 132. *sigh* It's gonna be a busy week at work, so I have no idea how I'm going to make some time to work out. Have an awesome week everyone, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
Vermontgirl- way to go! congrats on all the weight you've lost already :) rcr- best of luck to you!
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