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I second all Roald Dahl.  My daughter also really liked The Wizard of Oz.
My youngest is 17 months and has said neh- neh since preverbal.  She also pats her chest and and says "neh neh bye bye bed" if she is tired and wants to nurse to fall asleep.  My now seven year old just made a eh-eh-eh-eh sound until she said nurse.  I nursed her until about 2.5. I often ask, "do you want to nurse?" so this one might transition to that too soon.
Wanted to bump up our thread- it has been a few months and I have been MIA for longer.  How is everyone?  New pregnancies?  New babies?  New toddlers :)?     June is almost 17 months.  She wants to be grown up.  Her favorite things to say are that's mine and her sister's name.  She is so busy, but so sweet and so awesome, with endless hugs and kisses for all of us.  Here's a recent pic.  Hugs to you all.
Hi Monkey!  Long time.   My 16 month old eats everything.  I have a 7 year old, so she wants to have what her big sister is having.  But breakfast favorites include: Smoothies with blueberries, oats, bananas, and whole milk Scrabbled eggs (we have backyard chickens) Toast with peanut butter Yogurt with fruit cheerios with milk (like a big kid) She still nurses every 5 hours or so
Not to be rude- but it is not your child and you don't know the grandparents and their level of nurturance and the mother has already stopped nursing, why is it anyone else's business.  I nurse my kids 'til two and their grandparents aren't suited for this type of vacation, but I know plenty of kids that are as comfortable with their grandparents as they are with their parents.  In light of all the real problems children face, this seems to be a perfectly healthy choice...
Isn't it just as likely that a "wacko" would pull me out of the car, or put a gun in my face as they would break a window of a locked car in a gas station?  I was not talking about leaving them home alone yet, but I have big dogs and have never been afraid of wild animals coming after my children in the suburbs.  I know children get kidnapped- and women get raped, and children eat poison or injure themselves or their siblings when their parents are in the next room, and...
I have a related one?  My DD1 is 7.5.  Can I leave her and my 16 month old DD in the car to dash in to pay for gas?  Any longer?  It would be so cool to leave a big kid playing a video game with a sleeping toddler for a few minutes to run an errand.  I trust my DD, and my mom did this stuff all the time- even left my brother and I in the car while she grocery shopped at like 6 and 8 when we were fighting.  I am wondering when nosy old ladies won't go grab a cop on me.  Or...
I actually grew up "crunchier" than I became.  When I was a kid we had an outhouse (really I mean- pooping in a bowl of clean water in the house is kind of wild .) I still take a really fast shower because we shared solar shower bags.  We had kerosene lamps and no TV.  My Dad built all of the houses we lived in as a kid and one had a sod roof.  We grew much of our own food.  I know how to milk cows, pluck chickens, and toss hay bales.  As an adult, I still keep...
All babes are different, so I don't want to sound overly optimistic, but my DD2, who hated the car seat with a passion when she was a newbie, is much better at 10 months.  As soon as she was interested in toys and snacks short rides got much easier.  I still try to time long trips to overlap with a nap time to decrease stops.  Love the comment about wanting to kick in the shins people who say "but oh- don't all babies love the car?"  I feel the same way.
Tear and Kparker- such handsome little boys! Pregnant BSL's- love celebrating our success! Happy mother's day to you all.
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