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I am glad this discussion has been opened.  I feel the same.  My signature line has one of my primary issues.  I believe in the benefit of vaccination, though I space them out, doing one at a time so I will know the source of any reaction my children have, and skip a few.  I believe that we are responsible for the well-being of our community as well as our own children and herd immunity is necessary for children and adults who really can't get vaccines.  It is actually...
Congratulations Monkey!  Glad he's here.  We had the birth with the added difficulty of a hand up by the face too; i did not know it had a name, but it does make it harder!  Get rested and enjoy your little boy.
Boots- Sorry you and Lyle are struggling a bit with the breast feeding, but kudos for all your efforts for your little one- so many women give up on BF in the face of challenges like those. As for the anxiety/depression, I think it is totally normal.  There is so much to worry about with a new baby.  I had those thoughts about how easy it is for them to be hurt and how hard it is to keep them safe for both my DD's.  Sometimes it was horrible flashes of them injured in...
I am pretty sure my older dog, a hound, sensed both my pregnancies.  Like the OP said about her dog, just spent much more time following me.  She also knew she was looking for someone knew when we brought baby no 2 home.  I came in without babe to greet the dogs since they had not seen me in a few days and were bound to be hyper.  She sniffed me and looked around, looked out the window, obviously searching.  I think it may be because dogs are pack animals who all care...
Lily-Hope your little family is home soon. Erica-congrats on the final day of work. Hugs to everyone.
Hi ladies- Just wondering if anyone has some genius ideas about how to get time to be intimate with your DH when we have little ones who don't want to be put down,  We have been working with very small windows so far and I would love to find a way to incorporate a bit of adult time back into my life.
I will be teaching again starting in 2 weeks (I am as college Lit professor, as my signature says).  I am beginning to get anxious.  I wish she was just 2 months older.  I started back with my older DD when she was 6 months and she really bonded well with the student nanny.  She was actually just the flower girl in her wedding.  I have time between classes to nurse and an onsite student caregiver, but I still am nervous about handing her off to someone else.  I am afraid...
Caly-Oh beautiful smiley baby!  I have yet to capture a good smile on film.
Nobody has exclusive claim on a name, whether it is popular or not.  I think any of these scenarios are ok.  The school friend and the second cousin could even be complimented that you share their taste in names.  I say name your baby the name you love an connect with most and ignore everyone else's opinion.  I let my sister lay claim to her favorite names, but that is about it.
Congratulations Lily!  My father thinks Piper is a potential nickname for Juniper.  So far we mostly call her June Bug or Junie, but love the name.  So glad to hear she is here and healthy.  Tell us your birth story when you are ready.  Hugs.
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