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My 2 yo puts the pump on his belly too! I don't have the heart to tell him he won't be able to nurse his kiddos. When your toddler has a meltdown shouting "boob! Boob!" in public because he was asked to wait to nurse. When your boobs are so big they practically need their own zipcode.
Sorry I don't have time to type much now but I wanted to pop in and say, "me too!" I have a 2 yo and an 11 week old. DS1 has been asking to nurse a good bit more than before the baby was born, and is much more emphatic about needing it. That has led to a few simultaneous nursing sessions but normally we don't nurse together. I still have a pretty significant aversion with the older kiddo. He does a lot of twiddling and picking at things on me and it drives me out of my...
Does anyone have any experience with this? I want to donate but don't want it to affect my supply.
I'm hoping to get some advice from experienced girasol wrap users. I just started using this type of wrap and I love it. However, I have one of the longer sizes and I'm not that tall. How can I get it on without dragging the edges on the ground? I haven't used it in public because I didn't want to wipe the thing all over the parking lot. Anyone figure this one out already? Thanks!
I know this thread is a year old, but I thought I would give my advice for the people reading too. I graduated vet school about 2 years ago. I waited to start our family until right before graduation because my husband lived in a different part of the state, so I would have basically been a single mom. The PP is right. I was gone A LOT. And when I wasn't gone I was studying. My advice if you really want to do this, move there before you apply, maybe work at a local clinic...
I found two great sitters/nannies through the site. They are both great people and one is on her way to becoming a close friend. My only warning: be sure to cancel. The membership automatically renews each month.
Hi everyone. I have a 2 yo DS1 and 8 wk old DS2. My 2 yo has been coping with the new baby by nursing more. Prior to birth, we had been down to 2-3 nursing so during the day- morning, nap and bedtime. I don't have a problem with the increased number/length of nursing sessions during the day. I figure he's just feeling emotionally vulnerable and needs this reassurance now. However, he's started this fun new thing of waking earlier and earlier to nurse. He sleeps in his own...
I am currently nursing my 2 week old son and occasionally my 2yo son. A couple days ago, I noticed I was losing weight a little more quickly than I'd like and was hoping to get some nutritious snack ideas. Does anyone have any tips for easy to assemble snacks that I can eat throughout the day so I'm not accidently starving myself?
I was in the birth pool and was able to place both hands on my perineum while the baby was crowning. That counter pressure helped me gauge how hard I could push and when I needed to wait and breathe. It allowed me to be quite present at the birth in terms of awareness. It was really cool and something I thought I'd never do.
That's great Emily! I had my guy yesterday am. He was 9#4oz! I also was able to support my own perineum which is why I only had a small 1st degree tear instead of the 4th degree tear I got last time! I think the skin tear was along my old scar tissue. We're both doing great now. It's amazing how quickly I've recovered from a gentle home birth compared to a traumatic emergency hospital transfer. I didn't feel human for almost two weeks last time.
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