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I rarely remember my dreams, but last night I had a really weird, sinister one with some straaange stuff happening and I remembered it (and another dream where I was making a smoothie). 
I haven't had any yet, but I did have a small amount of spotting one day with my last pregnancy with DS. It freaked me right out, but it was totally fine. DP and I had had sex the night before, so that's all it was.
Either 14 weeks or 16 weeks with my son. I'm excited to feel movement too. I'm 10 weeks, so not too much longer! I won't be hearing the heartbeat til later because we don't do doppler.
My sex drive is about the same as before getting pregnant. I don't ever think about sex, but once we get started I'm totally turned on and my orgasms have been great since being pregnant. We only do it about once a week though. DP and I go to bed at different times and I am usually tired and touched out by the end of the day. 
I totally look pregnant already at less than 10 weeks. I looked like this at around 5 months with DS haha.   MamaBear, have you tried a hair elastic put through your button hole and looped around the button? That worked great for me last time.
I agree with everything missmagoo said. We did part time EC from 10 days old and it was great. No extra effort. And DS was out of diapers during the day at 17 months. Now at 21 months, he poops in the potty every time and only has a pee accident every day or two.  How did you like the Green mountain fitted diapers? I'm looking at those for the medium size. The price is pretty good. I really liked using fitteds without covers for at home so I could know when he peed.
It's so strange, but I already have a lot of the annoying feelings of the third trimester. This is my second and I'm 9 weeks. I feel like there is way less room in my abdomen, my belly looks like it did at 5 months last time and I feel full after eating only about 1/3 of my regular portions of food. I'm a little heavier than last time, but it doesn't really account for all this.
I have a set of OS Kawaii diapers that I got when DS was around 8 months. I liked them when he was that age because he was SO wiggly and every diaper change was a huge struggle. I don't think I would have been able to use prefolds or fitteds and covers. When he was younger, I used prefolds and home made fitteds with PUL or wool covers.    This time around, I want to commit to wool better. I think I need some really good quality fitteds so I'll either buy some used or buy...
I still drink about half a cup or less first thing in the morning. Sometimes when I'm out I will get a decaf if it's my second coffee. I don't find it very appealing these days, but a little bit helps. I went cold turkey last pregnancy and the headaches were crappy. 
So sorry dear :(  I miscarried the first baby we tried to make and it was absolutely crushing. We conceived my son the next cycle. I hope it goes that way for you.
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